Rice shippers grow worried Hom mali exports in major decline (Bangkok Post, 2 Sep 2021)
Falling baht makes Thai rice cheaper in global markets (The Nation, 31 Aug 2021)
State okays extension of rice price scheme for 2021-22 (Bangkok Post, 24 Aug 2021)
Govt approves Bt89bn price-guarantee scheme for rice farmers (The Nation, 23 Aug 2021)
Weak baht to fuel rice exports (Bangkok Post, 13 Aug 2021)
Malaysia may import more Thai rice this year now that it is cheaper (The Nation, 11 Aug 2021)
State to extend rice price scheme (Bangkok Post, 7 Aug 2021)
Uphill task to achieve Thai rice export target as sales plunge in first half (The Nation, 5 Jul 2021)
China confirms purchase of 20,000 tonnes of rice (Bangkok Post, 28 Jun 2021)
Eighth lot of Thai rice set for export to China under 1m tonnes deal (The Nation, 28 Jun 2021)

Thai rice berry wins bronze medal at French competition (The Nation, 21 Jun 2021)

Drop in water reserves reduces Thai rice harvest for next year (The Nation, 8 Jun 2021)
Agency launches contest for new Thai rice varieties in bid to boost exports (The Nation, 31 May 2021)
Thailand seeks new rice varieties to reclaim position as rice export champ (NNT, 28 May 2021)
Rice exports plunge in Q1 (Bangkok Post, 5 May 2021)
Thai rice exports drop to third in the world, Vietnam close behind (The Nation, 5 May 2021)
Govt to slash rice export tax (Bangkok Post, 28 Apr 2021)

Thailand to increase rice exports to 6 million tons this year (Thailand Business, 30 Mar 2021)

Steps aim to spur Thai rice exports (Bangkok Post, 25 Mar 2021)
Commerce Ministry targets Canadian market to export Thai premium rice (Thailand Business News, 16 Mar 2021)

Thailand and Indonesia to ink rice MoU (Bangkok Post, 11 Mar 2021)

Thailand agrees to renew rice deal with Indonesia (Reuters, 9 Mar 2021)
Thailand bumped down to 4th as global rice exporter (The Nation, 8 Mar 2021)
Rice exports set at 6m tonnes (Bangkok Post, 26 Jan 2021)
Thailand’s rice export target set at 6m tonnes this year (The Nation, 26 Jan 2021)
Rice exports remain gloomy (Bangkok Post, 18 Jan 2021)
Shippers upbeat on recovery (Bangkok Post, 6 Jan 2021)
Rice exports to stay low on shipping container crunch (Bangkok Post, 5 Jan 2021)
Thai jasmine rice exports up 1.57% from last year (The Nation, 31 Dec 2020)
Thai Hom Mali nets rice prize (Bangkok Post, 4 Dec 2020)
Cabinet okays price-guarantee scheme for rice farmers (The Nation, 11 Nov 2020)
New 5-year rice plan to halve costs, launch 12 new Thai strains (The Nation, 5 Nov 2020)
Rice exports likely to drop 50% this year, situation could even worsen in 2021 (The Nation, 5 Nov 2020)
Cabinet gives nod to Bt62bn rice, rubber price guarantees (The Nation, 4 Nov 2020)
Brazil's zero tariff on rice imports to benefit Thai exporters (The Nation, 2 Nov 2020)
Rice agenda needs unity (Bangkok Post, 1 Nov 2020)
Chiang Mai University research team successfully creates new rice breeds using ion beams (The Nation, 15 Oct 2020)
Strong baht, low production pull down Thai rice exports (The Nation, 5 Oct 2020)
How DNA technology helps control the premium quality of Thai Hom Mali Rice (Open Access Government, 1 Oct 2020)
No tariffs for EU rice shipments (Bangkok Post, 29 Sep 2020)
EU to allow duty-free import of over 24,000 tonnes of Thai rice in October (The Nation, 29 Sep 2020)
Thai rice exports hampered by price and failure to cater to market needs (The Nation, 28 Sep 2020)
Five-year National Rice Strategy aims to make Thailand world leader (The Nation, 28 Sep 2020)
State vows B75bn for farming (Bangkok Post, 26 Sep 2020)
Rice strategy to focus on yield, variety (Bangkok Post, 28 Aug 2020)
Thailand’s new rice strategy aims to halve production costs, boost yields (The Nation, 28 Aug 2020)
Rice strategy awaiting rejig (Bangkok Post, 6 Aug 2020)
China emerging as major threat to Thai rice exports (THE NATION, 28 Jul 2020)
Rice exports poised to drop in next decade (Bangkok Post, 23 Jul 2020)
Rice exports primed for decade-low (Bangkok Post, 20 Jul 2020)
Five types of rice covered by new price-guarantee scheme (THE NATION, 18 Jul 2020)
Rice price guarantees unchanged (Bangkok Post, 17 Jul 2020)
Food shipments remain bright spot despite virus (Bangkok Post, 17 Jul 2020)
Dim view for second-half rice exports (Bangkok Post, 15 Jul 2020)
Prospects of Thailand's rice export in H2 "not too bright" amidst sluggish global demand: industry body (Xinhua, 16 Jul 2020)
Thai farmers are trying a new, climate-friendly way to grow rice (Asean Today, 2 Jul 2020)
Thailand to farm new rice variety seeking export advantages (NNT, 22 Jun 2020)
Rice price scheme renewed (Bangkok Post, 19 Jun 2020)
Soft rice output in focus amid rising demand from the health-conscious (The Nation, 11 Jun 2020)

Thailand conducts talks online for rice sales (The Nation, 8 Jun 2020)

Thai rice exports facing price disadvantage (The Nation, 29 May 2020)

Organic rice gets trade boost (Bangkok Post, 25 May 2020)

Rice cuts won't hurt exports (Bangkok Post, 18 May 2020)
Rice trade to slash prices (Bangkok Post, 23 Apr 2020)
Hoarding makes Thai jasmine rice more expensive in Hong Kong (The Nation, 21 Apr 2020)
ANALYSIS: Kitchen of the World takes stock (Bangkok Post, 20 Apr 2020)
Un-milled Thai rice fetches highest price in 10 years (Thai PBS, 18 Apr 2020)
Dry season pushes dept to halt 2nd rice crop (Bangkok Post, 4 Apr 2020)
Rice export restrictions not foreseen (Bangkok Post, 2 Apr 2020) 
Commerce Ministry sees possibility for 2020 export growth (Bangkok Post, 24 Mar 2020)
Rice packers: Prices to climb for months, Levelling-off seen by August or September (Bangkok Post, 23 Mar 2020)
Rice Department asked to speed up development of new varieties (The Nation Thailand, 17 Mar 2020)
Thai rice exports get a boost from global Covid-19 scare (The Nation Thailand, 15 Mar 2020)
Dubai gets a taste of Thailand’s best rice (The Nation Thailand, 12 Mar 2020)
Rice prices to peak mid-year, Global consumers beefing up stockpiles (Bangkok Post, 3 Mar 2020)
Thailand risks slipping to third place in rice shipments (Bangkok Post, 13 Feb 2020)
As Thai rice falls in global pecking order, ministry mulls ways for turnaround (The Nation Thailand, 10 Feb 2020)
Surge seen in jasmine rice exports to Hong Kong (The Nation Thailand, 10 Feb 2020)
Private sector forecasts deeper export decline (Bangkok Post, 3 Feb 2020)

Rice exports forecast to fall to lowest in 7 years (Bangkok Post, 16 Jan 2020)

Severe drought to push agricultural product prices up (The Nation Thailand, 12 Jan 2020)
Department lines up remedies for hike in farm product prices (Bangkok Post, 9 Jan 2020)

Rice exports struggle to hit 8 m tonnes (Bangkok Post, 6 Jan 2020)

Baht’s sudden drop shows battle lines drawn (Bangkok Post, 2 Jan 2020)
Thai rice feels the strain (Bangkok Post, 30 Nov 2019)
Paddy output to decline due to conditions (Bangkok Post, 28 Nov 2019)
State allots B70bn to stabilise paddy prices (Bangkok Post, 25 Nov 2019)
Exports continue monthly decline (Bangkok Post, 22 Nov 2019)
Farmers urge action after top rice fails to win prize (Bangkok Post, 17 Nov 2019)
Rice exporters back ban on three toxic chemicals (Bangkok Post, 9 Nov 2019)
Commerce Minister meets with US rice importers (The Nation, 9 Nov 2019)
Disasters to hit rice output, Northeast reeling from drought, floods (Bangkok Post, 8 Nov 2019)
Thai rice exports decreasing due to stiff price competition, association chief warns (The Nation, 5 Nov 2019)
Strong baht to shave rice exports by up to B40bn (Bangkok Post, 28 Oct 2019)
Rice exports expected to show shortfall (The Nation Thailand, 23 Oct 2019)
Rice price guarantee seeded with B9.4bn (Bangkok Post, 16 Oct 2019)
Paddy payouts kick off Tuesday, says Jurin (Bangkok Post, 15 Oct 2019)
Commerce Ministry cooks up rice-price guarantee criteria (The Nation Thailand, 27 Sep 2019)
Strong baht battering rice shipments (Bangkok Post, 23 Sep 2019)
Shipments down 4% in August (Bangkok Post, 21 Sep 2019)
Govt rice price payouts to start next month (Bangkok Post, 14 Sep 2019)
Sticky rice discounts to B35 next week (Bangkok Post, 29 Aug 2019)
State tackles glutinous rice price (Bangkok Post, 27 Aug 2019)  
Government vows to ramp up export measures (Bangkok Post, 27 Aug 2019)
Cheap glutinous rice planned to battle high prices (Bangkok Post, 27 Aug 2019)
Stronger baht pounding rice exports, say traders (The Nation, 26 Aug 2019)
Exporters seek Iraq deal (Bangkok Post, 26 Aug 2019)
Rice panel OKs B21bn for price guarantee scheme (Bangkok Post, 22 Aug 2019)
Jurin floats rice price insurance (Bangkok Post, 18 Aug 2019)
Rice prices likely be set at B10,000 to B14,000 (Bangkok Post, 17 Aug 2019)
Price caps for cash crops in the works (Bangkok Post, 6 Aug 2019)
Thai rice exporters cut target to 9 million tons (Thailand Business News, 26 Jul 2019)
Low rainfall to hit rice exports (Bangkok Post, 25 Jul 2019)
Rice exports down on strong baht (Bangkok Post, 25 Jul 2019)
Big dams let water out to save rice crop (Bangkok Post, 24 Jul 2019)
Govt speeding up drought relief work (Bangkok Post, 18 Jul 2019)
State tightens control of movement for 8 products (Bangkok Post, 18 Jul 2019)
Thai rice exports hit by strong baht, unlikely to meet 2019 goal (Reuters, 11 Jul 2019)
Dept readies farmer support guidelines for govt (Bangkok Post, 7 Jul 2019)
Chutima wants next in line to zero in on crop prices (Bangkok Post, 4 Jul 2019)
Commerce Ministry paints darker picture of export view (Bangkok Post, 22 Jun 2019)
Exporters call for long-term rice vision (Bangkok Post, 20 Jun 2019)
Eyes on Africa, China strides into rice arena (Bangkok Post, 13 Jun 2019)
Customs urged to act on sticky rice smugglers (Bangkok Post, 9 Jun 2019)
Commerce Ministry aims to export 10m tons of Thai rice in 2019 (NNT, 6 Jun 2019)
EU agrees to let Thailand negotiate export quotas (Bangkok Post, 3 Jun 2019)
Rice Policy & Management Committee - 34 million tons of rice to be released this year (NNT, 28 May 2019)
Exporters make wish list, Market mechanism championed for rice (Bangkok Post, 29 May 2019)
Thailand Rice Convention 2019 Drives Thai Rice Towards the New Global Lifestyle (The Nation, 24 May 2019)
Thailand Rice Convention 2019 (TNA, 16 May 2019)
Rice forecast upheld amid downturn (Bangkok Post, 16 May 2019)
High prices, strong baht cause rice export drop (Bangkok Post, 30 Mar 2019)
February exports beat contraction (Bangkok Post, 22 Mar 2019)
MoU signed to certify Thai products (NNT, 6 Mar 2019)
NLA in a hurry to push Rice Bill (Bangkok Post, 19 Feb 2019)
Assembly retreats on rice bill (Bangkok Post, 16 Feb 2019)
New law will restrict traditional ways: farmers (The Nation, 15 Feb 2019)
Draft Rice Act draws objection from industry (Bangkok Post, 12 Feb 2019)
Food industry hits alarm button over baht appreciation (The Nation, 2 Feb 2019)
Rice shippers take dimmer view of 2019 (Bangkok Post, 31 Jan 2019)
Thailand aims to export 9.5m tonnes of rice in 2019 (Bangkok Post, 30 Jan 2019)
Hom mali outlook upbeat (Bangkok Post, 30 Jan 2019)
Bt145 bn rice sales as govt clears all stock (The Nation, 9 Jan 2019)
State rice sale target met, stockpiles finally spent (Bangkok Post, 9 Jan 2019)
Rice exports hit target last year (Bangkok Post, 8 Jan 2019)
Stronger baht will hurt exporters and farmers (The Nation, 4 Jan 2019)
Officials see declining 2019 rice shipments (Bangkok Post, 28 Dec 2018)
Rice exports tipped to fall as rivalry bites (The Nation, 28 Dec 2018)
Rice export chief eyes target of 11m tonnes by year end (Bangkok Post, 1 Dec 2018)
Good news for farmers as rice export deals clinched (Bangkok Post, 29 Nov 2018)
Rice export competition tightens (Bangkok Post, 10 Nov 2018)
Govt optimistic on rice prices but experts not sure of sustainability (The Nation, 9 Nov 2018)
Rice platform yields B1.5bn in sales, aiming for B30bn (Bangkok Post, 9 Nov 2018)
Govt to provide harvesting machines, expects record high rice prices (Bangkok Post, 4 Nov 2018)
Rice farmers to flourish - State stockpile shackles removed as import demand strengthens (Bangkok Post, 3 Nov 2018)
Thailand eyes new rice sales in push to 11m-tonne target (Bangkok Post, 2 Nov 2018)
Optimism for rice export forecast maintained (Bangkok Post, 25 Oct 2018)
Rice values and exports up (Bangkok Post, 25 Oct 2018)
Commerce Ministry calls for market-led rice farming plan (NNT, 19 Oct 2018)
Price and subsidies cast a shadow over rice policy (The Nation, 15 Oct 2018)
Hom mali rice production set to drop 10% on drought (Bangkok Post, 12 Oct 2018)
China buy to boost rice exports (Bangkok Post, 26 Sep 2018)
Politics of rice spring eternal in Thailand (ASIA TIMES, 20 Sep 2018)
Rice pledging hoard cleared (Bangkok Post, 11 Sep 2018)
Rice exports slip in July, still poised for 11m tonnes (Bangkok Post, 4 Sep 2018)
PM orders Big Data collected on rice market (NNT, 3 Sep 2018)
Rice Policy and Management Committee approves organic paddy exports to Europe (NNT, 3 Sep 2018)
Gavel falls on final state rice auction (Bangkok Post, 31 Aug 2018)
Rice export grows by 19.15% in value during Jan-Aug (NNT, 17 Aug 2018)
Strong foreign demand sends Thai rice export projection to 11 million tons this year (NNT, 13 Aug 2018)
Rice exports to eclipse forecast (Bangkok Post, 9 Aug 2018)
Bright prospects for rice exports (Bangkok Post, 4 Aug 2018)
Shippers mindful of hom mali (Bangkok Post, 28 Jul 2018)
Rice relief gets cabinet go-ahead (Bangkok Post, 25 Jul 2018)
Commerce targets China for premium rice exports (Bangkok Post, 16 Jul 2018)
Thai exporters working on new strain of rice to raise competitiveness (Xinhua, 13 Jul 2018)
B34.5bn in rice aid measures approved (Bangkok Post, 12 Jul 2018)
Duo: Rice price dip temporary (Bangkok Post, 22 Jun 2018)
Exports show resilience in face of escalating trade row (THE NATION, 22 Jun 2018)
Price of jasmine rice soars, thanks to strong foreign demand (NNT, 29 May 2018)
Rice exporters buoyed by bagging lion’s share of Philippine imports (THE NATION, 26 May 2018)
Rice auction turns heads (Bangkok Post, 19 May 2018)
Negative trends roil rice market (Bangkok Post, 18 May 2018)
Government rice stocks near depletion (NNT, 16 May 2018)
Final lot of inedible stock for sale (Bangkok Post, 16 May 2018)
Department of Foreign Trade to expand Thai rice markets in Malaysia, Indonesia (NNT, 14 May 2018)
MoU for Kor Khor 43 rice and rice milk (NNT, 12 May 2018)
Rice in govt warehouses to be auctioned for 1st time this year (NNT, 8 May 2018)
Rice export target raised (Bangkok Post, 5 May 2018)
Thailand exports more than 3 million tons of rice in first four months (NNT, 5 May 2018)
Thailand becomes world’s No.1 rice exporter (NNT, 4 May 2018)
Philippines awards 120,000-tonne rice contract to Thailand (NNT, 4 May 2018)
Thai rice exports topple 30 billion baht in first 2 months of 2018 (NNT, 31 Mar 2018)
Rice rallies on hot China demand (Bangkok Post, 30 Mar 2018)
DFT anticipates 9.5 million tons of rice exported throughout this year (NNT, 14 Mar 2018)
Govt eyes release of all rice stocks by year’s end (NNT, 14 Mar 2018)
Thai jasmine rice harvest set for first decline in a decade (Nikkei, 9 Mar 2018)
Strong baht likely slows rice exports (Bangkok Post, 6 Mar 2018)
Jasmine rice price soars as local farmers slash output (Bangkok Post, 1 Mar 2018)
Thailand to export 9.5 mn tons of rice this year (NNT, 25 Feb 2018)
Thai Hom Mali Rice exports to Hong Kong exceed 200,000 tons for first time in a decade (NNT, 20 Feb 2018)
Commerce Ministry to promote more rice production to serve foreign markets (NNT, 19 Feb 2018)
Rice forecast remains robust (Bangkok Post, 17 Feb 2018)
Commerce Min advises rice farmers not to speed up production (NNT, 12 Feb 2018)
Hom mali price hits 5-year high on demand (Bangkok Post, 9 Feb 2018)
Rice exporters fear strong baht may bite shipments (Bangkok Post, 1 Feb 2018)
Sectors attend workshop on The Future of Thai Rice for Sustainability (NNT, 14 Jan 2018)
Thailand to export 9.5 mln tons of rice in 2018 2017 (Xinhuanet, 11 Jan 2018)
Rice exports at record high in 2017 (Bangkok Post, 29 Dec 2017)
New campaign promotes premium grade (Bangkok Post, 27 Dec 2017)
Exports hit 58-month high as nation rides the global economic recovery (The Nation, 22 Dec 2017)
B1.7bn budget to cut second-crop rice output (Bangkok Post, 12 Dec 2017)
Strong baht may dampen rice exports (Bangkok Post, 11 Dec 2017)
Exports rose 13.1% in October, outlook bright (Bangkok Post, 23 Nov 2017)
Inedible rice bids cancelled for now (Bangkok Post, 18 Nov 2017)
It’s official: Thai rice is the world's best (Bangkok Post, 9 Nov 2017)
Rice production hit by floods in Northeast (The Nation, 7 Nov 2017)
Asia Golden Rice joins with Alibaba (Bangkok Post, 7 Nov 2017)
Find right markets before hiking organic rice output (The Nation, 6 Nov 2017)
Floods cut rice yield in NE by 400,000-500,000 tonnes (Thai PBS, 3 Nov 2017)
Rice group eyes record exports (The Nation, 2 Nov 2017)
Thailand boosts rice exports to Hong Kong (VNA, 2 Nov 2017)
Exporters seek to regain market share (Bangkok Post, 2 Nov 2017)
Commerce Ministry invites Hong Kong exporters to discuss Thai rice market expansion (NNT, 29 Oct 2017)
Exports scale new high on farm shipments (The Nation, 20 Oct 2017)
Rice prices expected to hold steady (Bangkok Post, 17 Oct 2017) 
Northeast rice farmers gain subsidy to ease harvest costs (The Nation, 17 Oct 2017)
Farming, food sectors face flooding hit (Bangkok Post, 17 Oct 2017)
Rising baht dampens rice exports in August (The Nation, 30 Sep 2017)
August exports jump 13.2% yoy (Bangkok Post, 21 Sep 2017)
Cabinet allots B87bn in rice aid measures (Bangkok Post, 20 Sep 2017)
Rice plan focuses on value-added (Bangkok Post, 19 Sep 2017)  
B47bn in farmer handouts (Bangkok Post, 19 Sep 2017)
Govt approves B73bn in help for rice farmers (Bangkok Post, 1 Sep 2017)
Ministry set to revise export target to 6-6.5% (Bangkok Post, 23 Aug 2017)
Rice exports unaffected by northeastern floods (NNT, 5 Aug 2017)
Rice exports set to hit record high from disasters (Bangkok Post, 3 Aug 2017)
June exports up 11.7%, beat forecast (Bangkok Post, 20 Jul 2017)
State clears nearly all of rice supply (Bangkok Post, 19 Jul 2017)
South Asia in urgent call for Thai rice (Bangkok Post, 17 Jul 2017)
Govt brushes off call to test the quality of rice stocks (The Nation, 17 Jul 2017)
Foreign staff crisis threatens rice target (Bangkok Post, 3 Jul 2017)
Ministry to keep rice prices steady (Bangkok Post, 30 Jun 2017)
Global demand for Thai rice remains high (NNT, 20 Jun 2017)
Upturn in fortunes forecast for Thai rice (Bangkok Post, 20 Jun 2017)
New bids eat at inedible rice stockpile (Bangkok Post, 16 Jun 2017)
Central market plan on track, says ministry (Bangkok Post, 14 Jun 2017)
Rice prices seen rising until year-end on lower stockpiles (Bangkok Post, 13 Jun 2017)
Auction sees sharp drop in rice stocks (Bangkok Post, 8 Jun 2017)
Commerce Ministry to develop measures to boost rice prices (NNT, 8 Jun 2017)
Price of Thai rice reaches 425 US dollars per ton on global market (NNT, 30 May 2017)
Demand surge to lift rice price, Auction of Thai stocks helps release pressure (Bangkok Post, 30 May 2017)
Ministry of Commerce promotes Thailand as world's rice trade center (NNT, 30 May 2017)
Prayut demands clear-out of rice stockpiles before end of his regime (The Nation, 30 May 2017)
Rice stock disposal eyed (Bangkok Post, 25 May 2017)

Exports climb for a second month in April (Bangkok Post, 23 May 2017)

High demand for rice sends prices soaring (NNT, 22 May 2017)
Low-grade rice auction bidding finalized soon (The Nation, 20 May 2017)
Next auction for state-held rice called (Bangkok Post, 16 May 2017)
1.62m tonnes approved for rice auction (Bangkok Post, 20 Apr 2017)
15 bidders for 2.07m tonnes of inedible state rice stocks (Bangkok Post, 24 Mar 2017)
Govt to sell 8m tonnes from rice stocks this year (The Nation, 23 Mar 2017)
Pick of rice market venue soon (Bangkok Post, 20 Mar 2017)
Iran makes first Thai rice buy in 10 years (Bangkok Post, 17 Mar 2017)
Mexico offers zero tariff for rice import (Bangkok Post, 16 Mar 2017)
Industrial grain first up for auction (Bangkok Post, 8 Mar 2017)
2017 Rice export target set at 10 million tonnes (The Nation, 6 Mar 2017)
Rice exports down 21% in January (Bangkok Post, 3 Mar 2017)
Rollback for rice auctions (Bangkok Post, 1 Mar 2017)
Export value jumps 8.8% in January as oil prices rise (The Nation, 28 Feb 2017)
Thailand seals Iran rice deal (Bangkok Post, 26 Feb 2017)
Rice-clearing auction draws big crowd (The Nation, 17 Feb 2017)
Rice clearing pulls in 66 traders (The Nation, 16 Feb 2017)
Bidders flock to rice auction (Bangkok Post, 17 Feb 2017)
Rice exports could slip (Bangkok Post, 3 Feb 2017)
Govt plans to clear rice stocks in H1 (The Nation, 3 Feb 2017)
Second-crop rice farmers encouraged to diversify (Bangkok Post, 19 Jan 2017)
Mexican chain buys big load of Thai rice (The Nation, 16 Jan 2017)
Rice output cuts, export boost on agenda (Bangkok Post, 9 Jan 2017)
State vows demand-driven approach to rice handling (Bangkok Post, 6 Jan 2017)
Dept rejects 'plastic inside rice pack' accusation (Bangkok Post, 6 Jan 2017)
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