Vietnam’s rice price surges, surpasses that of Thailand [Read news]
Vietnam Sept coffee exports drop 10.2%, rice up 19% [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Vietnam rates extend gains, lower supply propels India prices [Read news]
Laos exports first 50 tons of rice to EU [Read news]
Vietnamese rice price increases in domestic, foreign markets [Read news]
Cambodia's agricultural exports up 88 pct in first 9 months this year: minister [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Vietnam rates hit 2-1/2 month high, rains worry Indian trader [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India loses out on some orders as prices near 2-month high [Read news]
Analysis: India may corner nearly half of global rice trade as exports soar to record [Read news]
Cameroon: Rice imports rose 23% YoY in H1-2021 [Read news]
All Roads Lead to Thai Rice as Baht Weakens, Rains Return [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Vietnamese rates rebound; higher shipping costs curb Indian exports [Read news]
China cultivates new rice varieties to enhance food supply [Read news]
Rice inventory 6.1% higher at start of July [Read news]
Govt sets unhusked rice production target at 55 million tons [Read news]
Cambodia milled rice exports for first eight months reaches 343,000 tonnes [Read news]
WTO to examine U.S.-China dispute on grain import quotas [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India, Thai prices rise; high shipping rates weigh [Read news]
Early-season rice harvest exceeds last year's haul [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India rates at 4-1/2-year low on weak demand, high shipping cost [Read news]
Vietnam to consider cutting rice production area due to low prices [Read news]
ASIA RICE High shipping costs, weak baht drag Thai rates to over 2-year low [Read news]
Food grain output to hit new record of 308.65 mn tons in 2020-21, says government [Read news]
Govt to cut import duty on rice [Read news]
India gets below-average monsoon rains for second straight week [Read news]

Shot in the Arm for the Industry: 120,000 Tons Sold to Iraq [Read news]

ASIA RICE-India rates hit 4-1/2-year low on weak demand, ship shortage [Read news]
Vietnam plans to stockpile rice as coronavirus curbs hit farmers [Read news]
Rice exports plunge 27 percent but demand from China and Vietnam rises [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Thai prices slide to two-year low on weaker baht, demand [Read news]
Rice Paddies in Japan to Decrease by 65,000 Hectares in 2021 [Read news]
China stops rice import due to coronavirus, says Razak [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Rates sink to multi-month lows in top exporting hubs [Read news]
Exports of ST25, ST24 rice surge [Read news]
Rice exporters switch focus to serving demand from China [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India rates grind to 16-month lows as supplies grow [Read news]
Rice sector revisits tactics as exports hit [Read news]
Rice inventory drops 7.5% in May [Read news]
China expands grain storage capacity by 10.85 million tons [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Rates wither as exporters brace for fresh crop arrival [Read news]
World food prices fall in June for first time in a year - FAO [Read news]
Rice exporters set to grab larger share of global market: Report [Read news]
Cambodia sowing seeds for more milled-rice sales to China, Asean [Read news]
7 more Pakistani firms allowed for exporting rice to China [Read news]
Indonesia does not expect to import rice this year despite COVID-19 curbs [Read news]
Pakistan Trains Sight on Russia to Boost Rice Exports to Record [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Lockdown sparks panic buying in Bangladesh, rates slip in top hubs [Read news]
Bangladesh tenders to buy 50,000 tonnes rice for import by land transport [Read news]
Imports of Indian rice surge, Ministry sets up inspection team [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Thai rates tumble to 17-month trough as baht wilts [Read news]
Bangladesh continues to import rice from Myanmar [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Weaker rupee drags India rates to one-month low [Read news]
Rice import payments 41 times high in July-April [Read news]
PHL rice inventory hits 4-month high in April [Read news]
ASIA RICE-High shipping costs push up Thai rates, slow Vietnamese activity. [Read news]
Vietnam May coffee exports down 1.4% m/m, rice down 19.9% [Read news]
PHL rice imports contracted by 11.8% in January-May–report [Read news]
India raises local rice purchase price amid farmer protests [Read news]
Indonesia plans to produce 55.2 mln tonnes of rice in 2022 [Read news]
Philippines says rice importers may shift to cheaper Indian grains [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Vietnam rates fall as buyers hunt cheaper deals [Read news]
Chinese scientists develop rice variety that can be harvested multiple times without having to be planted a second time [Read news]
Asia rice: India rates gain, BD assesses cyclone aftermath [Read news]
Indian farmers expect to harvest record wheat, rice crops this year [Read news]
India rates snap losing streak on strong rupee, Thai prices dip [Read news]
Q1 palay harvest sets record [Read news]
India exports record 20 MT of rice, wheat in FY21 [Read news]
Indonesia not to import rice this year [Read news]
Explained: How rice and wheat exports hit record high [Read news]
Vietnam earns 362 million USD from rice exports in April [Read news]
PHL rice imports inch up in January-April–BPI [Read news]
Philippines cuts rice tariffs to ensure food security, fight inflation [Read news]
India Seen Keeping Lid on Global Rice Prices With Record Exports [Read news]
Philippines becomes largest export market for Vietnamese rice [Read news]
Q1 palay yield up 8.6% despite smaller area [Read news]
New super hybrid rice variant delivers record high yield in South China [Read news]
Myanmar earned 92 million from border rice export in 2019-2020 FY [Read news]
Indian monsoon onset expected around June, government official says [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Prices drop to mid-November lows as India reels from COVID-19 surge [Read news]
Strong baht, higher freight costs and lower supply cause Thai rice exports drop y-o-y [Read news]
Vietnamese rice exports to China skyrocket [Read news]
ASIA RICE Indian rates hit 5-month low as pandemic strains logistics [Read news]
PHL Rice Imports Down By 6% To 575,242.93 MT In Q1 2021 [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India rates drop to 3-month low on weak rupee, lower demand [Read news]
EU says stop to Burmese rice from Myanmar [Read news]
Bangladesh issues tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice -trade [Read news]
Logistics disrupt milled rice deliveries [Read news]
Reshaping grain trade? China moves to change animal feed recipes [Read news]
Vietnamese rice export prices fall to lowest level over five month-period [Read news]
Vietnam aims to be world's top exporter of quality rice [Read news]
PHL Rice Stocks Down 4.5% In March–Report [Read news]
Asia rice-Indian rates dip, Vietnam prices touch 5-month low [Read news]
Govt to buy another 1.5 lakh tonnes of rice from India [Read news]
Cambodia eyes China rice quota deal in 1M-tonne export ambitions [Read news]
Vietnamese rice exports to Thailand enjoy surge [Read news]
Govt to buy another 50,000 tonnes of rice [Read news]
Vietnam Q1 coffee exports seen down 17% y/y, rice down 30.4% [Read news]
Iraq's cabinet allows trade ministry to make direct purchases -statement [Read news]
McKinsey Sees Freight Costs High For a Year or Two: Supply Lines [Read news]
India, Vietnam rice rates gain on robust demand; Bangladesh eyes stocks [Read news]
Mauritius buys 6,000 tonnes rice in tender from India, Pakistan [Read news]
Vietnam ships 638,000 tonnes of rice abroad in Jan-Feb [Read news]
Thailand drops from second to fourth in global rice exports; Vietnam rice rising high [Read news]
Troubling' signs of Myanmar food price rises since coup: U.N. agency [Read news]
Bangladesh issues tender to buy 50,000 tonnes of rice - trade [Read news]
Rice imports back in spotlight as govt plans to buy up to 1.5m tons [Read news]
Bulog to prioritize absorbing domestically produced rice over imports [Read news]
Bangladesh govt approves proposal to import 150,000 tons of rice from India [Read news]
PHL rice inventory falls 7.7% at start of Feb [Read news]
Govt approves import of another 3.5 lakh tonnes of rice [Read news]
Import duty on non-boiled rice reduced to 25pc [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Prices steady in most hubs, Bangladesh mulls another import duty cut [Read news]
India merchants almost halt exports to Iran as its rupee reserves fall – officials [Read news]
Indonesia assigns Bulog to import rice for stock security [Read news]
Milled rice exports decline year-on-year [Read news]
Government to import 550,000 tons of rice to boost stock [Read news]
Indonesia Jan-Apr 2021 unhusked rice output seen up 27% y/y [Read news]
PHL rice imports fall 34% to 3-year low in 2020–PSA [Read news]
Rice exports will not increase during first quarter, says federation [Read news]
Rice exports pick up momentum on easing of congestion at Kakinada port [Read news]
India rice exports pick up as additional port opened [Read news]
Pandemic puts pressure on Japan to open up rice stockpile to charities [Read news]
PHL rice inventory drops 12.8% at start of 2021 [Read news]
ASIA RICE-India rates anchored near 3-year peak on strong export demand [Read news]
Exclusive: India lines up deepwater port for rice, exports to surge amid global shortage [Read news]
Indian rice rates scale 3-year peak; Vietnam hit by container shortage [Read news]
World food price index rises in Jan, at highest level since July 2014 -FAO [Read news]
Bangladesh cancels importing rice from Myanmar [Read news]
Milled-rice exports to China up 7.7%, but drop elsewhere [Read news]
Pakistani rice offered at lowest price in Iraq buying tender – trade [Read news]
Bangladesh turns down rice imports from Myanmar in wake of military takeover [Read news]
Thailand targets exports of 6 million tonnes of rice in 2021; Covid-19 cases still rising [Read news]
Bangladesh to buy Myanmar rice [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Indian prices gain, higher Thai prices dampen demand [Read news]
Feed fight: African consumers hit as Asia gobbles up rice supplies [Read news]
PH rice stocks lower by 10.7% in December [Read news]
China’s grain output grows 0.9% to 669.49 million tons in 2020, setting new record [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Indian prices hold steady, Thai rates hit 8-month high on stronger baht [Read news]
PHL rice imports likely to remain flat at 2.3 MMT this year–USDA report [Read news]
Vietnam to export 1,600 tonnes of rice at high price to Singapore, Malaysia [Read news]
Myanmar shows interest to supply 1 lakh tonnes of rice [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Indian prices rise; high Thai rates stoke competition worries [Read news]
Laos to export 2,000 tonnes of rice to China in January [Read news]
Vietnam exports 6 million tons of rice in 2020 [Read news]
PH seen to import 1.69 million MT of rice this year [Read news]
Indian rice shipping delays come at bad time as consumer demand spikes [Read news]
Rice shipment delays from India, Thailand come at a bad time [Read news]
Thai rice exports to stay low in 2021 on global shipping container crunch [Read news]
Cambodia: Milled rice export to China increases 16.6 percent [Read news]
Bangladesh to import another 250,000 tonnes of rice from India, Singapore [Read news]
Importers get nod to buy 330,000 tonnes of rice [Read news]
Bangladesh's rice imports could surge to 2 mln T - govt source [Read news]
PHL rice inventory rises by 19.3 percent to 3.158 MMT in November–PSA data [Read news]
PH posts record rice harvest of 19.4 million MT in 2020 [Read news]
Vietnam buys Indian rice for first time in decades [Read news]
Exclusive - Vietnam buys Indian rice for first time in decades: industry officials [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Vietnam rates hit 9-yr peak on supply crunch; Thai rates dip [Read news]
2020 rice exports nearly 3.6M tonnes [Read news]
Iraq buys more than 213,000 tonnes of local rice -grain board [Read news]
Bangladesh to cut duty on rice imports to cool record local prices [Read news]
Bangladesh gets offers in tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
Exclusive-Bangladesh, India finalising first bilateral rice deal in 3 years - sources [Read news]
Asian container shortage threatens European Indica rice supply in early 2021 [Read news]
Asia Rice - Shipping container crunch lifts Vietnam rates to 9-year peak [Read news]
Two Indian firms bag Bangladesh tender to import 1 lakh tonne non-Basmati rice [Read news]
Wet season rice yield expected to reach 8.5 million tonnes this year [Read news]
Rice exporters have bumper year, VN becomes No 1 in the world [Read news]
Vietnam Nov coffee exports drop 8.4% m/m, rice down 3.1%-customs [Read news]
Myanmar aims to export 2 mln tons of rice, broken rice in FY 2020-21 [Read news]
Bangladesh issues another tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
China says 2020 corn output barely changed from last year [Read news]
Asia Rice-Indian rates extend gains to over 2-month high on fresh orders [Read news]
Thailand's jasmine rice wins championship for world's best rice contest [Read news]
Asia Rice-Indian rates gain on fresh Chinese, African orders [Read news]
World food price index jumps in Nov to almost 6-year high – FAO [Read news]
China buys first Indian rice in decades amid scarce supply [Read news]
Kingdom exports more than 600,000 tonnes of milled rice in the first 11 months [Read news]
Thai gov't approves further budget to assist rice farmers amid plummeting price [Read news]
India's Jan-Oct rice exports jump 43% y/y to 11.95 mln T- govt [Read news]
Vietnam Nov coffee exports down 37.5% y/y, rice up 6.8% [Read news]
Indonesia targets lower corn, unhusked rice output for 2021 [Read news]
Export price of Vietnamese rice at record high [Read news]
Surging freight rates propel Thai rice prices to 2-month peak [Read news]
Bangladesh issues another tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice - trade [Read news]
Non-basmati rice exports in H1 top FY20 shipments [Read news]
Paddy rice exports increase to Vietnam [Read news]
Bangladesh issues first rice import tender in three years [Read news]
China, Bangaladesh scour for Indian non-basmati rice, exports set get a boost [Read news]
Thailand Bets on a New Rice Grain to Feed the World [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnamese rates gain on fresh Chinese, Philippine orders [Read news]
Vietnam Oct coffee exports down 8.4% m/m; rice down 5.8% -customs [Read news]
China to see bumper harvest for 2020: agriculture minister [Read news]
Vietnam's rice export up in 10 months [Read news]
India’s Jan-Oct rice exports higher than all of last year’s shipments [Read news]
Rice Export revenue reaches over $366 million in first 10 months [Read news]
Asia Rice-New crop weighs on India rates; Vietnam bets on Philippines deal [Read news]
Kingdom exports 536K tonnes of rice in Jan-Oct [Read news]
India buys more paddy rice after farmers protest new laws [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam export rates rise as floods and landslides hit supply [Read news]
Rice federation seeks more exports to China [Read news]
Asia Rice-Floods hamper harvest in major hubs, hit supply [Read news]
PHL rice inventory falls 1% in September [Read news]
Annual rice yield to remain above 200m tons [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnamese rates gain on hopes of deal with Philippines [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rates dip for 6th week as top hubs grapple with weak demand [Read news]
India’s rice exports set to surge by 42% [Read news]
S. Korea's rice output forecast to dip 3% in 2020 [Read news]
India's rice exports could jump to record on Thai drought effects [Read news]
Brazil purchases some 225,000 tons of rice from US, India and Guyana [Read news]
Philippines seeks two-month halt on rice imports to support prices [Read news]
Cambodia’s rice export increases by 22% in first 9 months to nearly 500,000 tonnes [Read news]
Asia Rice-Rates dip in top hubs; traders flag low Mekong water levels [Read news]
Vietnam's Jan-Sept coffee exports drop 1.4%, rice down 0.6% [Read news]
Myanmar surpasses rice export target in FY 2019-2020 [Read news]
Mauritius buys 6,000 tonnes rice in tender from India, Pakistan [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietman rates drop as harvest begins, Philippines halts buying [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice exports to EU sell at good prices [Read news]
India's summer-sown grains output seen at 144.52 million tonnes in 2020/21 [Read news]
Vietnamese fragrant rice has immense opportunities for entering the EU market [Read news]
Indonesia starts developing controversial food estate project [Read news]
Asia Rice-Weak demand hits top export hubs; Bangladesh struggles to stock up [Read news]
India rice prices hit 18-month peak as coronavirus strains export logistics [Read news]
Nine Vietnamese fragrant rice varieties given tariff quotas in EU [Read news]
Brazilian Government Zeroes Tax on Rice Imports until December [Read news]
DA chief sees lesser rice imports for rest of 2021 [Read news]
Brazil food price spike is temporary, pandemic-fueled supply shock -treasury secretary [Read news]
January to August rice imports reach 1.642 MMT, BPI data show [Read news]
Vietnam seeks to bolster rice exports to Africa [Read news]

Ministry urges enterprises to complete procedures to export fragrant rice to EU [Read news]

Vietnam hopes to export 100,000 tonnes of rice to EU [Read news]
Fragrant rice market promising [Read news]
ASIA RICE-Thai rates ease on baht slide, low supply lifts Vietnam rates [Read news]
January-August milled-rice exports see 31 per cent spurt [Read news]
Asia Rice-More takers for cheaper India offers even as floods hit supply [Read news]
Brazil mulls erasing import tariffs on corn, rice, soybeans temporarily - Ag Ministry [Read news]
Vietnamese white rice price highest in world [Read news]
Surpassing Thailand, Vietnam becomes No 2 rice exporter in the world [Read news]
Rice prices go up with the rising floods [Read news]
India rice prices rise as exporters grapple with floods, coronavirus [Read news]
Vietnamese rice prices among highest in the world: association [Read news]
Asia Rice-Supply squeeze lifts Vietnam rates to more than 8-year high [Read news]
Philippines to remain as world’s biggest rice importer [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice export price highest in the world [Read news]
PH will have less rice imports due to limited global supply [Read news]
Vietnam July rice exports up 6.5% m/m to 479,633 tonnes – customs [Read news]
India’s exports of non-basmati rice in first two months of FY21 jumps 52.5% [Read news]
Vietnam sees hike in rice exports to Africa [Read news]
Vietnam exports 3.9 million tonnes of rice in seven months [Read news]
PHL rice inventory falls 7.8% in June [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam rates jump on supply crunch; high Thai prices cut demand [Read news]
Rice imports reach 1.4 million MT as of end-July [Read news]
Myanmar exports over 2.25 mln tons of rice, broken rice in 10 months [Read news]
India's crop planting gathers pace, buoyed by bountiful monsoon rains [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export up 38 pct in 7 months [Read news]
Asia Rice - Virus slows Indian exports; heavy flooding hits Bangladesh [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rates rise; virus outbreak raises concerns for Indian exporters [Read news]
Thai rice exporters cut 2020 forecast to 6.5 million tonnes, lowest in 20 years [Read news]
China plans wheat, rice sales to tame surging corn prices - sources [Read news]
Thai rice exporters cut 2020 forecast to 6.5 million tonnes, lowest in 20 years [Read news]
Rice importers face suspension on unused SPS-IC [Read news]
Vietnam's rice exports may slide after one-month high [Read news]
Bac Lieu expands cultivation of world’s best rice varieties [Read news]
Thai rates hit 4-month low on weak demand, baht [Read news]
Exporters worry as overseas demand for rice slows down [Read news]
EU announces quotas for Vietnamese farm produce [Read news]
Rice purchases for national reserves to be completed by mid-August [Read news]
China grants rice export licences to 43 Myanmar companies [Read news]
Rice importers try to force prices down, Vietnam needs long-term export plan [Read news]
Asia Rice - Thai rates hit 4-month low, Vietnam jumps as heavy rains persist [Read news]
Vietnam to increase rice exports to EU under EVFTA [Read news]
Drought Spurs Australia to Import Rice or Risk Empty Shelves [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rates slip as demand drops, rains hamper Vietnamese harvest [Read news]
Indonesia July-Dec rice production targeted at 12.5-15 mln tonnes [Read news]
Indonesia sees higher rice output in 2021, lower corn output [Read news]
Indonesia expects to increase rice stockpile to 22 mln tons this year [Read news]
Restrictions on rice exports eased in Myanmar as demand rises [Read news]
Milled-rice exports up 41% [Read news]
Vietnam's rice export price stands at lowest level over past two months [Read news]
Indonesia's Bulog expects no rice imports this year [Read news]
Indonesia sees higher rice output in 2021, lower corn output [Read news]
Asia Rice-India prices hit over 2-month low on weaker rupee, muted demand [Read news]
India's rice output could hit record as farmers expand area [Read news]
Cambodia's rice exports expected to hit 800,000 tonnes in 2020 [Read news]
Vietnam’s May Rice Exports Surge to Record After Ending Limits [Read news]
Thai rice prices hit 11-month peak on strong Baht, supply woes [Read news]
Cambodian rice exports see growth trend [Read news]
Rice and broken rice export earnings hit around 580 million USD [Read news]
Vietnam eyes exports of seven million tons of rice this year [Read news]
India raises 2020/21 common rice purchase price by 2.9% [Read news]
India to receive above-average monsoon rains, boosting crop output [Read news]
Iraq has only 190,000 tonnes of rice left for food programme - ministry [Read news]
Cambodia’s rice exports up by 42 percent in first five months [Read news]
Asia Rice-India prices retreat from highs, Vietnam sees fresh offers [Read news]
PH buying 300,000 MT rice on gov’t-to-gov’t deal [Read news]
Asia Rice: India prices scale one-year peak, cyclone hits Bangladesh crop [Read news]
Indian rice exports in 2020/21 may surge 15% as buyers stockpile grain [Read news]
Thailand sees slightly bigger main rice crop in 2020/21 on better rain [Read news]
China changes policy, buys Vietnam’s rice [Read news]
Indonesia doubles volume of rice released to market to blunt price spike [Read news]
Malaysia signs record rice import deal with India [Read news]
Indian farmers to harvest record rice, wheat crops this year [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices dip as demand flows to India, Vietnam [Read news]
Cambodia to lift partial ban on rice exports on May 20 [Read news]
PH to remain world’s top rice importer [Read news]
Cambodia allows resumption of white rice exports [Read news]
China hands out more grain import quotas to increase purchases [Read news]
Philippines sees end-2020 rice stocks at 3.3 mln T, highest in 10 years [Read news]
Gov’t plans to import 300,000 MT of rice [Read news]
Philippines Awaits 400,000 Tons Rice as Vietnam Resumes Export [Read news]
India rice prices gain, expensive Thai offers lose out [Read news]
Rice exports at decade high [Read news]
Cambodia's rice exports to China up 28% in first four months [Read news]
Myanmar rice traders anticipate losses despite higher imports allowed from China [Read news]
FCI’s grains stock crosses over 60 million tonnes [Read news]
Vietnam PM says to fully resume rice exports from May [Read news]
Vietnam trade ministry proposes fully resuming rice exports from May [Read news]
PH rice inventory to hit 94 days by end of 2020 [Read news]
Spoiling Rice in Vietnam Ports Show Perils of Food Protectionism [Read news]
VN government cautious about exporting rice despite plentiful supply [Read news]
Vietnam increases April white rice exports quota to 500,000 tonnes [Read news]

Indonesia Has Enough Rice to Last Pandemic [Read news]

Inspection team set up to check rice volume stuck at ports [Read news]
Indian rice prices at eight-month peak; Thai rates fall after rains [Read news]
Coronavirus exposes ASEAN divisions on rice security [Read news]
Vietnamese rice exporters surprised with the quick end of export quota [Read news]
40 traders successfully register for export of 400,000 tons of rice [Read news]
Vietnam trade ministry plans to export 800,000 tonnes of rice in April, May [Read news]
Exclusive: Indian rice exports suspended on supply chain disruption - industry [Read news]
Myanmar temporarily suspends rice export permits [Read news]
China remains major market for Cambodia rice exports [Read news]
Thai rice prices hit 7-year high on anticipated sales as coronavirus troubles rivals - exporters [Read news]
Philippines gets Vietnam commitment to continuous rice supply [Read news]
Myanmar Suspends New Rice Export Licenses to Ensure Domestic Supply Amid Virus Outbreak [Read news]
Ministry proposes limiting rice exports to 400,000 tonnes per month [Read news]
Ministry wants rice export ban lifted [Read news]
PM orders suspension of white rice, paddy exports [Read news]
Indian rice prices hit three-month low; Thai rates off multi-year peaks [Read news]
Myanmar earns US$379 M from rice and broken rice export [Read news]
Philippines plans 300,000 tons rice import amid lockdown [Read news]
Cambodia to ban some rice exports due to coronavirus [Read news]
Locked-down India rice rates hit 3-month low; Thai prices off 6-1/2-year [Read news]
Malaysia has rice stocks for 2.5 months as Vietnam curbs exports [Read news]
Rice suppliers say fears over vietnam ban are overcooked [Read news]
Vietnam to stockpile 270,000 tonnes rice to ensure food security amid virus spread [Read news]
PH rice imports to increase to 3.3 million MT in 2020 [Read news]
IGC forecasts record world grains crop in 2020/21 [Read news]
Philippines rice inventory in peril as Vietnam reduces exports [Read news]
Food security concerns stoked as exporters curb sales, importers buy more [Read news]
PM orders suspension of signing rice-exporting contracts [Read news]
DA: PH has enough rice stocks amid Vietnam’s import halt [Read news]
Vietnam halts new rice export contracts as it reviews stocks [Read news]
Sufficient stockpile of rice in the domestic market: MRF [Read news]
Countries Starting to Hoard Food, Threatening Global Trade [Read news]
Iraq needs 1 mln tonnes of wheat, 250,000 T rice - ministry [Read news]

India Has Enough Food to Feed Poor If There’s a Prolonged Shutdown [Read news]

Vietnam to continue rice exports amid virus spread - food association [Read news]
Myanmar resumes rice exports to China [Read news]
Iraq ministry needs cash to build grain stockpile as coronavirus spreads [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai, Vietnam rates jump as virus spread raises supply concerns [Read news]
Plentiful rice reserves for domestic and inter’l demand: Government [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai drought raises supply jitters, Vietnam rates at over 1-yr high [Read news]
China moves to expand early rice acreage [Read news]
NFA assures sufficient rice stocks amid Covid-19 threat [Read news]
Rice inventory increases 10.9% in February [Read news]
Vietnam enhances rice, pork price stabilisation [Read news]
Rice exporters told to keep 5% of stock for local market [Read news]
Rice farmers struggle during drought season [Read news]
Vietnam has chances for exporting rice to Africa [Read news]
Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Declares Emergency on Devastating Drought [Read news]
Two-month rice exports soar despite Covid-19 epidemic [Read news]
Ebro Foods boosts pasta and rice output to meet coronavirus-driven demand [Read news]
UPDATE 1-China to reach 2020 grain targets despite coronavirus outbreak -ministry [Read news]
Asia Rice-Drought-hit Thailand's rates soar to 6-1/2 yr peak on supply dearth [Read news]
Việt Nam to achieve rice export target this year: insider [Read news]
Government aims to keep rice imports at 1.6 MMT [Read news]
About $360m earned from export of rice, broken rice in over four months [Read news]
China calls for expansion of rice production amid measures to contain coronavirus [Read news]
Cambodia’s rice exports surge in first two months [Read news]
Vietnam's rice exports in spotlight despite decrease in acreage [Read news]
Thailand predicts rice prices to rise until mid-year [Read news]
Milled rice exports rising substantially [Read news]
China in push to bolster rice output in face of coronavirus [Read news]
India's rice exports drop 12% in Jan on weak demand [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam rates slide from 1-year high on likely Philippines ban [Read news]
Farmers in Mekong Delta provinces enjoy bumper winter-spring rice crop [Read news]
Laos earns more from rice exports to China [Read news]
Myanmar exports over 45,000 tons of rice and broken rice in second week of Feb [Read news]
Average farm-gate price of rice falls to 8-year low–PSA [Read news]
Virus may have slowed rice shipments to PHL [Read news]
Bulog ensures adequate rice supply before Ramadhan, Eid al-Fitr [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam rates climb to over 1-year high on strong demand [Read news]
China Tells Farmers Not to Miss Planting Season During Virus Outbreak [Read news]
India to harvest record rice, wheat crops [Read news]
Vietnam rice exports seen up 6% this year to 6.75 million tonnes - food association [Read news]
Viet Nam needs to find new rice markets to replace China [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai export rates strengthen; Indian prices at four-month peak [Read news]
Philippines to remain largest rice importer in 2020 [Read news]

Rice exports down 15% year-on-year in January [Read news]

Kingdom’s rice exports to EU declined through tariffs but 2020 outlook good [Read news]
Rice and broken rice exports fetch over 8.5 m dollars in one week [Read news]
Indonesia's 2019 rice output falls 8% amid extreme weather -stats agency [Read news]
Myanmar sets 2.5 mln tons of rice export target this fiscal year [Read news]
Asia Rice-Indian prices extend gains as Thailand battles drought [Read news]
Iraq says total local rice purchases at 306,000T for 2019-20 season [Read news]
India’s rice exports fall sharply as sanctions delay payments from Iran [Read news]
Myanmar earns US$280 M from rice and broken rice export [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rates soar on drought, demand shifts to India [Read news]
Laos weighs on export of 100,000 tons rice to Cuba [Read news]
Cambodia rice crisis signals deeper economic rot [Read news]
Vietnam 2019 rice exports up 4.2% y/y at 6.37 mln tonnes - customs [Read news]
Philippines rice inventory up 14% to 3.09 million MT [Read news]
Government to limit rice importation during harvest season [Read news]
Rice export earnings exceed $250 million in three months [Read news]
Asia Rice-Drought threatens Thai crop, Bangladesh braces for cold wave [Read news]
Myanmar signs new contract to export rice to China [Read news]
Pakistan to export 500,000 MT additional rice to China [Read news]
Indian rice export rates firm in muted holiday trade [Read news]
As Rice Exports To EU Drop, Dealers Are Reducing Prices Due To Tariffs [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice sector forecast to face difficulties in 2020 [Read news]
RDB begins releasing $50M capital to rice milling firms [Read news]

Agriculture Ministry Rejects Criticism Over Low Rice Prices [Read news]

Rice Exports from India Fall, Prices Recover after Hitting 5 Year Low [Read news]
India rice exports rates gain as demand picks up [Read news]
PH rice inventory up 30% in Nov [Read news]
Philippines to remain as largest rice importer next year [Read news]
Prime Minister appeals to rice millers not to lower paddy prices [Read news]
Iraq outlines 2020 wheat import goal, says protests not disrupting cargoes [Read news]
Cambodian rice set for export to South Africa [Read news]
Rice exports reach 5.91 million tons in last 11 months [Read news]
Rice rates in India slide to multi-year lows as supply mounts [Read news]
India's October rice exports drop 42% y/y on weak demand [Read news]
India rice rates near three-year low, Bangladesh considers cutting duty [Read news]
Rice exports to China still under last year’s quota [Read news]
Rice exports increases 43.76% in four months [Read news]
Rice export prices drop to the lowest in five years [Read news]
Gov’t tells farmers to plant one rice crop in dry season [Read news]
PH to continue rice imports, tighten food safety measures [Read news]
India rice export prices slide to multi-year low on supply influx [Read news]
Philippines makes U-turn on rice import suspension, but will tighten rules [Read news]
Philippines to continue rice imports with tighter rules [Read news]
Indonesia's Bulog wants $1.42 bln government funding for rice procurement [Read news]
Indonesia's Bulog aims to lower rice stock by new year [Read news]
PHL to curb rice imports via nontariff measures [Read news]
Indonesia farm minister sees higher rice output in 2020, cocoa flat [Read news]
Hong Kong protests, cheap Chinese rivals: why Thai rice is in crisis [Read news]
Indian rice falls on weak demand; cyclone damages fields in Bangladesh [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export to China up 45 pct in 10 months [Read news]
Thailand asks farmers not to grow off-season rice on drought worries [Read news]
Rice inventory up more than 43% at start of October amid harvest season [Read news]
Egypt has imported rice reserves through first week of February [Read news]
As Thailand’s Baht Surges, Rice Farmers Feel the Pain [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam prices slip on weak demand; India rates steady [Read news]
Gov’t to curb rice imports via non-tariff measures [Read news]
Kingdom will export one million tonnes of rice by 2022, says CRF [Read news]
Philippines to nearly triple local rice purchases, scraps safeguard duty proposal [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam rates hit multi-month peak on robust demand from Africa, Cuba [Read news]
China to import more rice from Cambodia [Read news]
Rice exports increases 50.76%, reached to $470.584 million in first quarter of FY 2019-20 [Read news]
Thailand likely to miss this year’s rice export target [Read news]
Asia Rice-India prices hit multi-month lows as buyers defer purchases [Read news]
Philippines to go slow on rice imports next year [Read news]
Asia Rice-African demand boosts Vietnam rates, India prices dip to 4-month low [Read news]
India's August rice exports drop 29% on weak African demand [Read news]
Safeguard duty on rice imports seen in place soon [Read news]
Vietnam struggles to reach rice export plan [Read news]
Rice export volume up but value falls [Read news]
Rice exports bring home 2.24 billion USD in nine months [Read news]
Exports of milled rice increase slightly [Read news]
Waning demand prompts Indian, Thai exporters to lower prices [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export to China up 44 pct in 9 months [Read news]
Myanmar rice exports should focus on raising productivity, quality [Read news]
Vietnamese rice has more opportunities to enter the US [Read news]
Indian rice prices slip on weak African demand; strong baht hurts Thai exports [Read news]
Myanmar exports 1.16 million tons of rice and 55,000 tons of broken rice in Aug [Read news]
Rice exports $265M in first eight months [Read news]
Gov’t to raise tariff on imported rice [Read news]
Asia Rice-Firm rupee lifts Indian rates; Vietnam prices hold near 12-year low [Read news]
Indonesia's Bulog says unlikely to import rice through end-2020 [Read news]
The Philippines launches safeguard investigation on rice [Read news]
Safeguard probe on rice imports begins [Read news]
Iraq buys rice from Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay: traders [Read news]

China's super hybrid rice may yield 18,000 kg per ha by October [Read news]

Rupee slide drags Indian rice prices lower, strong Baht buoys Thai rates [Read news]
Iraq receives offers for rice in tender [Read news]
DA eyes stringent nontariff options to limit rice imports [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export to China up 54 pct in 1st 8 months [Read news]
Cambodia among top five exporters of organic rice to the EU [Read news]
CRF strives to boost rice exports to China [Read news]
Nigeria closes part of border with Benin to check rice smuggling [Read news]
Strong demand lifts Indian rice rates, Thai prices buoyant [Read news]
Cambodia says EU rice tariffs hurting farmers [Read news]
Asia Rice-Rupee slide pushes India rates to 7-week low, Vietnamese exports dip [Read news]
Drought crisis sees sticky rice price double amid widespread shortages [Read news]
Thailand approves $682 million in new rice insurance scheme [Read news]
Over $100m earned from export of 400,000 tons of broken rice in 10 months [Read news]
Govt issues more rice import permits to traders [Read news]
Asia Rice: Vietnam struggles to find new buyers as Chinese demand dwindles [Read news]
PH rice stocks swell due to imports [Read news]
India's April-June rice exports dive 28.2% [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rates gain as drought hits supply; Vietnam eyes S.America market [Read news]
Bangladesh floods to slash 400,000 T from rice harvest [Read news]
Philippines agriculture output contracts in Q2 as rice harvest declines [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam prices dip on fears Philippines could curb imports [Read news]
Worst Thai Drought in a Decade Adds Pressure for a Rate Cut [Read news]
Global Weather Chaos Is Also Taking Its Toll on Asia's Crops [Read news]
India’s rice exports could hit 7-year low on weak demand, higher prices [Read news]
Thai drought raises supply fears, Bangladesh reels under floods [Read news]
Thai rice exporters cut 2019 target for annual exports [Read news]
Indonesia Warns of Rice Crop Damage in Drought-Parched Fields [Read news]
Thai farmers asked to delay rice planting as drought bites [Read news]
Asia Rice-Floods hit Bangladesh farmers; top hubs fear scant rainfall [Read news]
Rice inventory rises 10.1% in early June [Read news]
Cambodia seeks to export rice to Africa through Korean firms [Read news]
Rice production in southern provinces drops by 23,000 tons [Read news]
Strong currency props up Indian rice rates, wider demand subdued [Read news]
Bureau of Plant Industry issues 1,518 rice import permits in 4 months [Read news]
Thai rice exports hit by strong baht, unlikely to meet 2019 goal [Read news]
India receives above normal rains this week, spurring crop planting [Read news]
Cambodia's EU rice exports fall sharply after tariffs; China sales up [Read news]
Asia Rice-India rates gain, other hubs struggle to keep up [Read news]
United States makes first-ever rice sale to China: trade group [Read news]
India raises 2019/2020 common rice purchase price by 3.7%: minister [Read news]
Bulog rents more warehouses to store 2.4-million tons rice: minister [Read news]
Indian demand perks up, Thai prices rise on stronger baht [Read news]
Water shortage could cut India's food exports, minister warns [Read news]
Asia rice: Demand lulls in top hubs; Bangladesh hopes for a deal with Philippines [Read news]
Summer crop sowing lags in India on slow monsoon progress [Read news]
Asia Rice: Demand stagnant in export hubs on lack of fresh offers [Read news]
Iraq has enough wheat and rice until end of 2019 -grain board [Read news]
Egypt has enough rice stocks to last until December - minister says [Read news]
Rice production in Australia falls by 91 per cent [Read news]
Rice imports this year seen reaching 3 MMT [Read news]
Myanmar gets additional rice export quota [Read news]
Myanmar plans to export rice worth 500 million U.S. dollars to China [Read news]
Vietnam's Mekong Delta opts for smart rice farming [Read news]
NFA rice stocks as of end-May highest in five years [Read news]
Asia Rice-India, Thai prices firm; Bangladesh rates seen less competitive [Read news]
India Maintains Forecast for Normal Monsoon on Weak El Nino [Read news]
Bangladesh lifts ban on rice exports, hopes to sell up to 1.5 mln tonnes [Read news]
Asia Rice: Top hubs see muted activity; fresh supply to weigh on Vietnam rates [Read news]
Egypt's GASC buys 40,000 tonnes of Chinese rice in tender [Read news]
Asia Rice: Indian prices recover slightly; harvest boosts Vietnamese stocks [Read news]
Bangladesh nearly doubles rice import duty to boost local farmers [Read news]
Duty on rice import increased to 55% [Read news]
Egypt’s GASC receives offers for rice in tender -traders [Read news]
Rice prices hit 3-year low in Bangladesh [Read news]
Indian rice prices slide to seven-month low as demand stalls [Read news]
PHL year-end rice stocks to hit 2.9 MMT on more imports–FAO [Read news]
PH seen to reduce rice imports [Read news]
Iraq cancels request for at least 30,000 tonnes U.S. rice- trade [Read news]
India rice rates extend slide; Vietnam eyes China, Egypt deals [Read news]
Vietnam, China look to increase rice trade cooperation [Read news]
Rice exports decline 7.2% to 11.95 MT in FY19 [Read news]
Vietnam looks to export more rice to China [Read news]
Cambodian rice exports to China surge following EU tariffs [Read news]
Asia rice: Thailand rates gain; weak demand hurts Indian prices [Read news]
Laos’ rice exports are expected to plummet [Read news]
Asia Rice: Vietnam rates gain on fears Mekong water woes may hurt crops [Read news]
China to increase Myanmar’s rice export quota to 400,000 tonnes: MOC [Read news]
China to sign MoU on expanding Cambodian rice import quota [Read news]
Increased Chinese rice exports MoU to be signed at 2nd BRF [Read news]
Cambodia Says Meetings On For Potential EU Rice Import Complaint [Read news]
U.S. wins WTO ruling against China grain import quotas [Read news]
India rates dip as demand slows, Bangladesh to review export ban [Read news]
India rice prices dip; drought fears spur domestic buying in Thailand [Read news]
Cambodia takes EU to court over rice import tariffs [Read news]
India set to see average monsoon rains this year [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export to China up 59 pct in Q1 [Read news]
Việt Nam to develop new markets for rice [Read news]
Rice and broken rice exports expected to hit about 2.5 m tons [Read news]
Rice Inventory Up 31% in March [Read news]
Asia Rice: Supply shortages loom in Thailand; demand dull in main hubs [Read news]
Floor price set for rice as demand plummets [Read news]
Exports of milled rice up 6 pct in Q1 [Read news]
China develops new rice strain with high yield, disease resistance [Read news]
Vietnam's rice export decreases 23.6 pct in Q1 [Read news]
Egypt's GASC gets offers for Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese rice in tender: traders [Read news]
Rice output goal for 2019 still attainable [Read news]

India rice prices slip as demand dips; domestic buying props up Thai rates [Read news]

Rice demand from China declines, causing concern among farmers [Read news]
China stops broken rice imports from Myanmar [Read news]
Strong rupee pushes India rice prices to seven-month high, dampening exports [Read news]
Early Rains Boost Prospects for Nigeria's Rice Crop, Farmers Say [Read news]
Urgent need for higher rice export quota to China: industry [Read news]
Vietnam sees bright prospects for rice exports [Read news]
Crop-damaging armyworms raise growing sense of alarm in Asia, FAO says [Read news]
Iraq postpones deadline in tender for 30,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
Myanmar earns over US$730 M from over 2.21 million tons of rice export [Read news]
Iraq seeks 30,000 tonnes of rice in tender - govt source [Read news]
India Rice export prices up on strong Rupee [Read news]
Non-basmati exporters want sops under MEIS extended [Read news]
Asia Rice: India prices up on strong rupee; few takers for Thai variety [Read news]
Rice import applications reach 1.6 million metric tons [Read news]
India forecast to harvest record rice crop [Read news]
Rice inventory up in February 2019 from a year ago [Read news]
MoU on official rice exports to China to be signed soon [Read news]
India's April-January rice, buffalo meat exports drop: government body [Read news]
Cambodia rice export up 1.9 pct in 1st two months [Read news]
PHL rice imports to hit 2.6 MMT [Read news]
Asia Rice: India, Vietnam attract fresh buying; supply weighs on Thai market [Read news]
Rice export market risky, Vietnamese farmers suffer constant anxiety [Read news]
Rice exports expected to fall on declining consumption [Read news]
Rice and broken rice export earnings hit nearly 700 million US dollars [Read news]
NFA to stop regulating rice trade as Rice Tariffication Law takes effect [Read news]
Premier urges rice traders to focus on China and Vietnam [Read news]
Rice Demand dwindles in top exporters; Thai rates hit by fresh supplies [Read news]
Myanmar seeks higher export quotas to China for rice this year [Read news]
Vietnam reconsidering rice production, export plans [Read news]
Vietnam to export 100,000 tons of rice to China [Read news]
Government seeks to boost rice exports [Read news]
Asia Rice: Top export hubs grapple with waning demand as supplies mount [Read news]
Government to settle for 93% rice self-sufficiency rate [Read news]
Laos urges China to increase rice import quota to 50,000 tonnes [Read news]
Vietnam to export 6-7 mln tons of rice in 2019 [Read news]
Kingdom sees minimal change in rice exports between 2016-2018 [Read news]
Iraq buys about 120,000 tonnes rice from Vietnam in direct deal [Read news]
Philippines rice imports to hit 2.3 million MT this year [Read news]
PM approves plan to stock up on rice [Read news]
Vietnam to buy 200,000 T rice from farmers for stockpiling -govt [Read news]
Ministry urges exporters to join REX system [Read news]
Myanmar expects to export up to 4 million tons of rice by 2020 [Read news]
Cambodia’s rice exports continue to decline [Read news]
Japan's rice finds fertile ground in China after 75% growth [Read news]
Duterte signs rice tariffication bill [Read news]
Vietnam increases its quota for Kingdom’s rice to 300K tonnes [Read news]
Asia Rice: Prices languish as top exporters harvest, demand stalls [Read news]
Asia Rice-India prices gain on Africa demand; holiday thins trade elsewhere [Read news]
India's April-Dec rice exports drop 10 pct, pulses surge - govt body [Read news]
Paddy rice production reaches 7.4 million in 2018 [Read news]
Indian, Thai rice markets quiet; Bangladesh clamps down on hoarders [Read news]
VN loses out on global market without rice brand [Read news]
Asia Rice-India rates rise, Vietnam prices slip before holiday [Read news]
EU’s imposed tariffs on Cambodian rice too fast: CRF [Read news]
China to increase Cambodian rice quota [Read news]
China pledges to purchase 400,000 tonnes of rice from Cambodia [Read news]
China's state grain stockpiler sees record inventory cut [Read news]
Philippines set to import 1.2 mln T of rice as caps removed [Read news]
Cambodia prepared for EU rice tariffs: Ministry [Read news]
India prices slip as demand lags; Vietnam awaits major harvest [Read news]
Cambodian rice to lose EU duty-free status [Read news]
Asia's rice exporters trigger a price war [Read news]
Italy Wins Three-Year EU Tariffs on Rice From Cambodia, Myanmar [Read news]
174 companies want to import rice [Read news]
EU set to impose tariffs on Cambodia, Myanmar rice imports [Read news]
PHL rice stockpile down 4.59% in December [Read news]
Asia Rice: India rates rise on higher local prices; Thai-Vietnam output seen surging [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export slightly drops last year [Read news]
Rice tariffs in European market almost certain [Read news]
China inches towards allowing U.S. rice sales [Read news]
India rates ease on falling rupee, demand; Thai harvest to augment supply [Read news]
Rice stock at 2.1 mln tonnes at end-2018 - Indonesia Bulog [Read news]
India's rice export prices up four-month peak on rising procurement costs; Thailand rates dip on fall in demand [Read news]
Philippines sees 2.5-3.5 pct rise in farm output next year [Read news]
India rice rates hit more than three-month high, Chinese rules weigh on Vietnam [Read news]
Rice stock sufficient to meet demand until early 2019: Minister [Read news]
Myanmar earns US$495 M from rice and broken rice export [Read news]
CRF: Kingdom’s rice exports do not impact EU farmers [Read news]
Laos achieves rice export target to China [Read news]
Rice exports hit over US$ 495 million in eight months [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam rates dip for 4th week as Chinese norms bite [Read news]
Iraq signs wheat, rice imports with the United States [Read news]
Rice stocks up in November 2018 [Read news]
Cambodian rice sees decline in exports to the international market [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export down 13 pct in 11 months [Read news]
Africa to need 7 bln USD for rice imports annually by 2020: FAO [Read news]
India rice rates slip; tough Chinese rules dent Vietnam exports [Read news]
EU set to slap tariffs on rice from Cambodia, Myanmar [Read news]
CRF voices concern over EU rice tax on Cambodia [Read news]
Iran ends seasonal rice import ban - agencies [Read news]
India rice rates dip on subsidy, while low China demand saps Vietnamese rates [Read news]
Vietnam Jan-Nov coffee exports seen up 23 pct y/y; rice to rise 4.8 pct y/y [Read news]
Vietnam, Thailand to supply NFA with 203,000 metric tons of rice [Read news]
Vietnam, Thailand to supply 203,000 MT rice to PH [Read news]
India to give 5 percent subsidy for non-basmati rice exports for four months: government [Read news]
DTI private rice import program only partly awarded [Read news]
Asia Rice-Indian rates gain for 3rd week; markets eye Philippine order [Read news]
NFA to take applications for private rice import licenses [Read news]
Government allows more traders to import rice [Read news]
Philippines to award 500,000 T rice tender this week [Read news]
PH to buy 500,000 MT rice from 5 foreign firms [Read news]
Govt procures 16.51 mn tons of rice so far; to exceed target [Read news]
Rice exports may fall in FY19, first time in 3 years [Read news]
Asia rice: Indian rates up on firmer rupee; Thai harvest to shore up stocks [Read news]
NFA sets 3rd attempt to bid out rice contracts [Read news]
Vietnam shifts to export high-quality rice [Read news]
Nigeria Seen as Biggest Rice Buyer in 2019, Behind China [Read news]
Suppliers refuse to meet NFA price as rice auction fails again [Read news]
Egypt's GASC receives offers from 11 suppliers in rice purchase tender - trade [Read news]
Korea's rice production hits 38-year low on reduced rice paddies [Read news]
India's rice exports drop in April-September, pulses surge: government body [Read news]
Australian firm acquires Vietnamese processing mill [Read news]
Getting richer, more Indonesians shift to premium rice [Read news]
India rice export prices driven up by higher local rates [Read news]
Philippines seeking 203,000 tonnes of rice [Read news]
VFA encourages local food traders to participate in Philippine rice tender of 500,000 tons [Read news]
Vietnam, Thailand skip Philippines' 203,000 T rice tender [Read news]
Rice exports reach 5.2 million tonnes in ten months  [Read news]
Asia Rice: Thailand eyes deals with Philippines, China; India demand tepid [Read news]
Initial rice import shipments of 47,000 MT arriving by Dec. 1 [Read news]
China to open its USD 2 bn rice market to India [Read news]
Cambodia rice exports fell 8.4 percent in Jan-Sept [Read news]
Myanmar exports over 1 million tonnes of rice in fiscal transition period [Read news]
India prices slip for 3rd straight week on slow demand [Read news]
Vietnam seeks to reduce reliance on Asian rice markets, raise exports to Africa, Americas [Read news]
Thai government pushes reform in agriculture sector [Read news]
Vietnam pockets 2.5 billion USD from rice exports in nine months [Read news]
Duterte scraps Philippines rice import cap to fight inflation [Read news]
Philippines' rice imports may hit 2.4 mln T, second biggest on record [Read news]
Vietnamese rice now top quality on the international market [Read news]
Philippines to import 250,000 tons of rice [Read news]
Asia Rice: India rates dip, Thai traders eye new deals [Read news]
Bidding for importation of 750,000MT of rice set [Read news]
NFA Council approves three rice importations at 2-week intervals [Read news]
India's April-Aug rice exports drop 4.3 pct year on year [Read news]
Argentinian rice offered lowest at Iraq purchasing tender [Read news]
India to ship first consignment of common grade rice to China [Read news]

Asia Rice-Vietnam prices gain on Philippine orders; India rates dip [Read news]

Thailand sells rice to China for first time in six months [Read news]
Iraq seeks 30,000 tonnes of rice in tender [Read news]
NFA Council approves importation of more rice [Read news]
Government cancels import of 600,000 tons of rice [Read news]
India rice prices recover; low Thai rates dampen Vietnamese offers [Read news]

Nigeria Rice Output Seen Down This Year as Floods Hit Fields [Read news]

Vinafood 2 to supply rice for Philippine firm [Read news]
Philippine paddy rice losses from typhoon exceed forecasts [Read news]
Philippines says typhoon destroys 250,000 tons of paddy rice [Read news]
Indonesia's 2018 unhusked rice production forecast at 83 mln T [Read news]
Asia Rice: India rates tumble; Vietnam hopes to clinch Philippines deal [Read news]
Rice handling, storage losses estimated at nearly 900,000 MT/year [Read news]
Iran issues tender to buy 30,000 tonnes rice from India [Read news]
Asia Rice-Rupee woes, weak demand drag India prices to 17-month lows [Read news]
Philippines to buy extra 250000 T of rice to quell price gains [Read news]
Egypt sets buying price for local rice paddy [Read news]
Domestic rice prices hit record levels [Read news]
New decree removes tough conditions for rice exports [Read news]
India's April-July Rice exports rise to 4.15 MT: APEDA [Read news]
No limits: Philippines gears up to scrap caps on rice imports [Read news]
Rice export in five months declines by over 100,000 tons compared to same period of last year [Read news]
Egypt to import 1 million tonnes of Vietnamese rice [Read news]
Philippines eyes extra 132,000T rice imports amid crisis in south [Read news]
Asia Rice: India rates dip as rupee flounders; markets eye Philippine boost [Read news]
Philippines eyes extra 132,000T rice imports amid 'crisis' in south [Read news]
Indonesia reaffirms plan to import 2m tons of rice this year [Read news]
Rice exporters told to meet Chinese quality requirements as shipments slump [Read news]
New decree to support rice exporters [Read news]
Asia Rice: Dip in Indian rates on rupee weakness dulls Vietnam offers [Read news]
Iraq buys 60,000 T rice from United States and Uruguay [Read news]
Vietnam sells more rice to China, raising concerns [Read news]
Philippines' House lifts import cap on rice, approves tariff system [Read news]
Thailand diversifies rice production to retain global market share [Read news]
Thai rice offered at lowest price in Iraq buying tender [Read news]
Rice prices in India hold steady; low rainfall may hurt output [Read news]
Thailand raises 2018 rice export forecast to 11 mln T [Read news]
Vietnam encounters barriers exporting rice to China [Read news]
India rice rates up on monsoon lull; flood threat looms in Thailand, Vietnam [Read news]
India's 2018 monsoon likely to be below average after poor start to season [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice exports on the rise [Read news]
Southern Vietnam produces more summer-autumn rice [Read news]
Rice worth $2.073bn exported in last year [Read news]
Dubai plans to expand Chinese saltwater rice into Arab world, Africa [Read news]
Asia Rice: India rates slip on weak demand, rupee; Vietnam grapples with ample supply [Read news]
Egypt to import 500,000-700,000 T rice paddy over next year [Read news]
PHL rice production seen reaching 12.9 MMT in 2018 [Read news]
Rice exports to China plummet in H1 [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export drops 5.9 pct in H1 [Read news]
Philippine food agency to propose extra 500,000 T of rice imports [Read news]
Asia Rice-Weak demand weighs on prices, India rates near 14-month low [Read news]
Chinese officials inspecting Indian mills for imports of non-basmati rice [Read news]
India's rice exports set to ease as govt raises buying price [Read news]
Rice inventories decline [Read news]
India raises new season common rice purchase price by at least 13 pct vs year ago [Read news]
Asia Rice-Slump in demand, weaker rupee drag India rates lower [Read news]
Rice export upbeat in first half [Read news]
Vietnamese rice exports to Malaysia soar over last five months [Read news]
China changes rice import tariffs [Read news]
Myanmar targets to export 2.5 mln tons of rice this year [Read news]
Pakistan's rice export hits 2-bln-USD mark [Read news]
India rice prices dip on rupee dive, fresh supply prospects weigh on Thai rates [Read news]
Iraq to allow some rice planting after earlier ban [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice exports surge 42% in first half of 2018 [Read news]
Rice import bids for 674,000 metric tons accepted under MAV [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices dip to 2018 lows, weak demand weighs on India rates [Read news]
Myanmar exports over one million ton of rice from Yangon ports [Read news]
Philippines to import rice through 2020 despite rising output - minister [Read news]
India rice rates nudge up, Vietnam prices ease from multi-year highs [Read news]
Rice exports to decline by 10% on restrictions from importing countries [Read news]
Rice exports up by 30pc to $1.58b in 10 months [Read news]
Nigeria Rice Imports Seen Rising 12% on Demand, Lower Output [Read news]
Bad weather stalls NFA rice distribution [Read news]
NFA defers to late-June auction for importation of 805,200 metric tons of rice [Read news]
Chinese officials to visit India to inspect non-basmati rice mills [Read news]
Rice exports may drop by up to 1 mt in FY19 [Read news]
India strikes river, rice deals with China as relations thaw [Read news]
PHL rice inventory hits 6-month high [Read news]
Bangladesh slaps 28% tax on rice imports [Read news]
Asia Rice-India prices dip as Bangladesh production recovers [Read news]
Thai, Singapore firms bag deal to supply 250,000 MT of rice [Read news]
Govt to review rice monopoly, public procurement system [Read news]
India's April rice exports rise 12 pct y/y [Read news]
Rice prices in India up as buyers cash in on recent dip; Bangladesh to axe deal [Read news]
Indian rice prices ease to lowest in a year as rupee slides [Read news]
Gov't issues rules for importation of 805000 MT of rice under MAV [Read news]
Wide door for Vietnamese rice export [Read news]
India rice prices drop to five-month low; Vietnam hits multi-year high [Read news]
Indonesia to import 500,000 tons of more rice [Read news]
China to cut rice, corn planting, grow more soybean [Read news]
Bright outlook for Vietnamese rice exporters later this year [Read news]
PHL rice imports to hit 1.1 MMT in 2019–report [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnamese prices soar; flood threat could boost Bangladesh buying [Read news]
Vietnam wins contract to supply 130,000 tonnes of rice to the Philippines [Read news]
Cambodia produces 10.5 mln tons of paddy rice last year [Read news]
Philippines accepts 250,000T rice offers from Vietnam, Thailand [Read news]
Rice prices rise in India as demand recovers; Thai prices dip ahead of harvest [Read news]
NFA to conduct open tender for additional 250000 mt rice buffer stock [Read news]
NFA reopens tender for 250,000 MT rice [Read news]
Vietnam rice rates up for fifth week; currency moves weigh on India, Thailand [Read news]
Vietnam rice exports notch volatile in Q1 [Read news]
NFA says cheap rice will be back in late May [Read news]
Asia Rice: India prices dip amid rupee decline, Thai rates soar on supply crunch [Read news]
Philippines' Duterte orders state food agency to boost rice reserves [Read news]
Rice production seen hitting nearly 20 MMT this year [Read news]
Rice export earnings hit over $ 1.11 bln in 2017-2018 FY [Read news]
Philippines plans to import 250,000 tonnes rice via open tender [Read news]
Vietnam exports more rice in 3 months [Read news]
Indonesia buys about 500,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
India rice prices rise on muted supply; lack of deals weighs on Thailand [Read news]
Rice export surges 22.14pc in 8 months [Read news]
Prices of rice dip in Asia as demand eases for India variety, Vietnam harvests peak [Read news]
Thailand looks to intergovernmental deals to boost rice exports [Read news]

Indonesia buys about 50,000 T rice in tender [Read news]

Smugglers Run Riot as Nigeria Tries to Keep Foreign Rice at Bay [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices climb as China, Indonesia buy [Read news]
Thailand looks to boost rice exports with intergovernmental deals [Read news]
Vietnam raises $51 mln from selling 23 pct of Vinafood II at IPO [Read news]
India's April-Jan non-basmati rice exports jump 34 percent [Read news]
Thailand to auction remaining state stockpiles of rice -commerce ministry [Read news]
Japonica to become Viet Nam's leading export rice [Read news]
Iraq makes no purchase after talks on U.S. wheat and rice [Read news]
PHL rice stocks fall to 5-month low [Read news]
Rice exports forecast to hit 4 million tonnes in two years [Read news]
India rice rates up on steady demand; stronger baht props up Thai rates [Read news]
South region harvests 11 million tonnes of Winter-Spring rice [Read news]
VFA urged to increase high-quality rice production [Read news]
Vietnam likely to export 6.5 million tonnes of rice in 2018 [Read news]
Asia Rice-Supply dip perks up India prices; lack of deals hurt Thai rates [Read news]
Asia Rice-India rates slip; no new deals for top exporters [Read news]
NFA warns government rice stock gone by April [Read news]
Rice exports surge on strong demand, dip in Thai stocks [Read news]

Iraq makes no purchases yet in 30,000 T rice tender [Read news]

Bangladesh scraps Thai rice deal [Read news]
Asia Rice: Slow demand weighs on top exporters; Bangladesh scraps Thai deal [Read news]
Myanmar rice export hits record high in 60 years [Read news]
NFA set to import 250,000 MT of rice [Read news]
China cuts 2018 minimum purchase price for rice amid bulging stocks [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices retreat in top exporters as demand wanes [Read news]
Indonesia's Bulog signs contracts for 281,000 T of rice imports [Read news]
Indian rice prices surge to over six-year high on steady demand, strong rupee [Read news]
China’s rice, soybean imports top the world in 2017 [Read news]
India Expects Rise in Basmati Exports as Iran Resumes Rice Imports [Read news]
Bangladesh to scrap planned rice imports from Thailand [Read news]
Rice exports surge despite fraud; but government can still play a bigger role [Read news]
Grain gain: China's rice exports to Africa surge [Read news]
Rice output in H1 seen exceeding 8.7 MMT [Read news]
Vietnam to ship 141,000 tons of rice to Indonesia [Read news]
Rice output in H1 seen exceeding 8.7 MMT [Read news]
Rice exports mark 29% growth in half year [Read news]
Indonesia can only import 346,000 tons of rice [Read news]

Asia Rice-Top exporters eye deals with Indonesia, Philippines; prices jump [Read news] 

Auspicious start to Vietnamese rice export in 2018 [Read news]
Bulog assigned to import 500 thousand tons of rice [Read news]
REAP’s trophies for 30 international buyers of rice [Read news]
Milled-rice output seen hitting 12 MMT [Read news]
India rice rates gain as Bangladesh keeps up purchases; Vietnam ends flat run [Read news]
NFA wants to import rice soon as stockpile good for only 3 days [Read news]
Govt to import rice amid rising prices [Read news]
Indonesia open for rice imports to contain prices [Read news]
India rice exports seen surging to record as Bangladesh boosts buying [Read news]
Vietnam plans to sell shares of major state rice exporter Vinafood II [Read news]
NFA OKs 250,000 MT rice imports [Read news]
Vietnamese rice earns high export in 2017 [Read news]
NFAC approves importation of 250,000 MT of rice bufferstock [Read news]
Firms, groups seek government OK to import rice [Read news]
Vietnam's rice export surges in 2017 [Read news]
Rice exports rise in 2017 [Read news]
China order lifts rice imports for 2017 [Read news]
Iranian customs bans rice imports order registration [Read news]
Nigeria To Ban Rice Importation This Year [Read news]
Asia Rice-Markets slow into year-end; Bangladesh awaits India shipments [Read news]
Rice exports beat low expectations in 2017 [Read news]
Bangladesh buys 200,000 tonnes of rice under G to G agreement [Read news]
Rice-prices rise in India; export demand slows in Thailand [Read news]
Rice exports see sharp rise in value for 2017 [Read news]
NFA will still import rice, Aquino says [Read news]
Myanmar exports more rice to Africa [Read news]
Bangladesh buys 200,000 tonnes of rice under G to G agreement [Read news]
Lowest price offer for Pakistani rice in Iraq tender [Read news]
Myanmar rice exports highest in 50 years in 2017-18 [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice market fares well [Read news]
Tight supplies and higher prices expected for 2017-18 rice crop [Read news]
Cabinet gives green light to import rice [Read news]
New forum to tackle problems in rice sector [Read news]
Asia Rice: India Prices Rise as Demand From Bangladesh Offsets High Supply [Read news]
Phoenix Looks to India to Feed Africa as Part of Rice Expansion [Read news]
EU countries move to limit rice imports from Cambodia [Read news]
Bangladesh to import 150,000 tonnes of rice from India at $440/T [Read news]
Indian rice prices steady; Bangladesh eyes new deal [Read news]
Rice exports hit almost US$2.5 billion [Read news]
Indian rice offered lowest in Iraq's 30,000 T tender [Read news]
NFA eyes 350,000 MT rice imports [Read news]
Govt to buy rice from pvt importers [Read news]
PHL rice output to hit 19.4 MMT [Read news]
Vietnam revises up rice export target [Read news]
Temporary Ban on Rice Imports Removed [Read news]
India rice prices rise on improved demand, fresh supply caps gains [Read news]
Iraq says buys 90,000 tonnes of US rice in direct deal [Read news]
Bangladesh cancels rice deal with Cambodia over shipment delay [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices supported by government [Read news]
Cambodia beaten by Thailand in heated annual rice contest [Read news]
Cambodia's rice export to China up 59 pct in 10 months [Read news]
India's Rice exports rose by 30% in Apr-Sept [Read news]
Thailand aims to boost exports; India rates dip on fresh supply [Read news]
Vietnam exports over 5 million tonnes of rice in ten months [Read news]
Rice prices in India dip on rising supply; Thailand eyes Sri Lankan demand [Read news]
Bangladesh approves purchase of rice from Thailand at $465/T [Read news]
Vietnam to exceed the rice export target for 2017 [Read news]
Sri Lanka launches international tender to import 200,000 MT of rice [Read news]
Rice prices up in India, Vietnam as rains dampen crop supply [Read news]
Vietnam targets US$2.5 billion in rice export revenues by 2030 [Read news]
Rice output likely grew 13.9 percent in Q3–PSA [Read news]
Vietnam rice exporters should focus on Asian markets [Read news]
Pakistan offers lowest bid for Iraq’s rice tender [Read news]
Rice exports remain strong [Read news]
Vietnam's prices up on low supply; market eyes Philippine imports [Read news]
Government to import 350,000 tons of rice from Myanmar, Thailand and India [Read news]
Bangladesh approves purchase of rice from Myanmar [Read news]
Bangladesh to buy rice from Thailand, India [Read news]
Cambodia exports over 400,000 tonnes of rice in nine months [Read news]
Economists say Vietnam focuses too much on rice exporting [Read news]
Bangladesh gets offers in tender to buy 50,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
Rice prices slip in India, Thailand; big exporters woo Bangladesh [Read news]
Rice exporters heavily reliant on Chinese market [Read news]
Bangladesh to import 100,000 t of white rice from Myanmar at $442/t [Read news]
Bangladesh demand pushes up rice prices in India [Read news]
Rice export goal raised to 5.6 million tonnes this year [Read news]
Rice prices jump in India; Bangladesh eyes import deal with Myanmar [Read news]

Prices drop in major exporters on weak demand [Read news]

Govt to import 2.5 lakh tonnes of rice [Read news]
First rice export bilateral agreement signed [Read news]
Vietnam to reform rice production, improve exports [Read news]
Govt approves import of 300,000 tonnes rice from Cambodia, Singapore [Read news]
Pakistani rice lowest offer in Iraq's 30,000 T tender [Read news]
Asia Rice -Prices fall in major exporters; Bangladesh to buy from Cambodia [Read news]
U.S. rice shipments to China expected to start slowly [Read news]
Bangladesh to import 250,000 tonnes rice from Cambodia at $453/T [Read news]
Asia Rice -Prices drop in India and Thailand [Read news]
Bangladesh rice tender draws lowest offer of $407.89/T [Read news]
Iraq seeking 30,000 tonnes of rice in purchase tender [Read news]
Bangladesh to cut duty on rice imports to cool local prices [Read news]
Government revises up 2016-17 grain output to record 275.68 million tonnes [Read news]
Asia Rice-Bangladesh in new deal talks, Indian prices rise again [Read news]
MoU signed to import rice from Thailand [Read news]
Rice imports under MAV opened to private traders [Read news]
Government issues rules for MAV rice importation [Read news]
India rice shipments slow as stronger rupee lifts export prices [Read news]
Asia Rice-India's prices up on strong rupee; markets subdued in Thailand, Vietnam [Read news]
Bangladesh signs deal to buy Cambodia rice [Read news]
Erratic monsoon rains threaten key Indian grain, food crops [Read news]
Bangladesh tenders to import 50,000 tonnes of rice [Read news]
Demand for VN rice to be stable in Q3 [Read news]
Thailand floods: no impact on rice exports, says export body [Read news]
PHL to buy rice from 6 foreign suppliers [Read news]
Iraq expects to produce 250,000 tonnes of rice in 2017 season [Read news]
Asia Rice-Bangladesh reluctant on Indian deals, set to buy from Thailand [Read news]
The U.S. Can Now Ship Rice to China for the First Time [Read news]
Private rice exporters can bid for Philippines shipments [Read news]
Sri Lanka offers to purchase rice from Myanmar [Read news]
Bangladesh prods Thailand for urgent purchase of 200,000 tonnes rice [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai, India prices fall on weak export demand [Read news]
NFA wants more bidders for for 250,000 MT rice imports [Read news]
Philippines sets $451.08/tonne price ceiling for rice imports [Read news]
Rice import from three countries finalized [Read news]
Vietnamese gov't approves rice export strategy [Read news]
Govt gets lowest offer of $430 per tonne in rice import tender [Read news]
Vietnam to promote high-quality rice [Read news]
Vietnam targets exporting 4 million tonnes of rice by 2030 [Read news]
Swathes of south China under water, heat strikes north [Read news]
Asia rice-prices fall on weak demand, Bangladesh steps up imports [Read news]
Winter-spring crop yields over 19 million tonnes of rice [Read news]
NFA starts bidding process for importation of 250,000 MT of rice [Read news]
NFA issues tender to import 250,000 tons of rice [Read news]
China remains Vietnam’s top rice importer [Read news]
Rice exports seen picking up on Bangladesh, Sri Lanka demand [Read news]
Bidding terms for 250,000 MT of rice imports under G2P out soon–NFAC [Read news]
NFA needs additional 600,000 MT of rice [Read news]
Firms oppose rice export monopoly [Read news]
Vietnam still fumbling for policy to control rice exports [Read news]
New decree to help Vietnamese rice exporters [Read news]
Bangladesh tenders to import rice to increase stocks [Read news]
Bangladesh to cut rice import duty to cool local prices [Read news]
Philippines cuts Q2 rice output forecast [Read news]
NFA sets bidding for 250,000 MT imported rice [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice prices near 30-month high on robust overseas demand, thin supply [Read news]
NFA Council changes rules in rice importations [Read news]
Thailand-origin offered lowest in Iraq’s 30,000 T rice tender [Read news]
Bangladesh gets offers in tender to buy 50,000 T of white rice [Read news]

Vietnamese rice labeled with foreign names sells better than domestic brands [Read news]

Vietnam’s rice export price hits 3-year high [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices hit near 4-year high on strong demand from importing countries [Read news]
Thailand sells 1.66 mln T of rice from state stockpiles [Read news]
Asia Rice-Importer demand pushes prices, Vietnam hits near 2.5-yr high [Read news]
Vietnam rice export back on track [Read news]
Vietnam's 5 pct broken rice average hits $390/tonne, highest since Dec 2014 [Read news]
NFA gets OK to import 250,000 MT of rice via government-to-private sector scheme [Read news]
Price of Thai rice reaches 425 USD per tonne on global market [Read news]
Bangladesh gets lowest offer of $406.48/T in rice import tender [Read news]
Vietnam’s key rice crop output falls more than expected on saltwater, rain [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam prices hit 13-month high; Thailand up on lower supply [Read news]
Bangladesh to speed up rice imports in wake of flooding [Read news]
Vietnam, Bangladesh extend rice trade deal [Read news]
Upbeat signs for Vietnamese rice exports [Read news]
Rice prices in free fall despite stockpiling plan [Read news]
Food grain output likely to touch new record in next crop year [Read news]
NFA to issue import tender for 250,000 tons of rice in June [Read news]
Philippines extends rice import restriction by three more years [Read news]
Vietnam Expands Rice Export To Europe [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai, Vietnam prices hit multi-month high; India stays sluggish [Read news]
Philippines likely to import more rice from VN [Read news]
NFA Council approves government-to-private rice importation [Read news]
China emerges as Vietnam’s largest fragrant rice importer [Read news]
NFA seeks to import rice from private suppliers [Read news]
Govt to import 50,000 tonnes of white rice [Read news]
Philippines Q1 agriculture output up 5.28 pct y/y [Read news]
Asia rice buyers turn to Vietnam [Read news]
Demand from China, Africa supports Vietnamese rice prices at harvest end [Read news]
Rice buyers turn to Vietnam as prices stay firm in Thailand, India [Read news]
Bangladesh state grains buyer to import 600,000 T of rice [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices up on thin supply in India, Thailand [Read news]
Vietnam’s Jan-April rice exports fall to 9-year low [Read news]
Egypt has contracted to import 20,000 tonnes of Indian rice [Read news]
Rice prices rise in India on stronger rupee; stable in Thailand, Vietnam [Read news]
More rice exporters given access to China [Read news]
Rice sector expected to fetch export earnings of $700 million [Read news]
Thailand exports 3.4 million tonnes of rice in four months 2017 [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices up in Thailand on thin supply, India on firm rupee [Read news]
Iraq says to import wheat and rice through direct contracts [Read news]
India's 2017 monsoon rains seen at average levels -weather office [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices rise in India, stable in Vietnam [Read news]
Vietnam’s March rice exports hit one-yr high as top buyers grow hungry [Read news]
Philippine ban worries VN rice firms [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices rise in India on firm rupee, Vietnam on supply woes [Read news]
Duterte halts rice importation due to high local yield- Piñol [Read news]
Rice prices rise in India, Thailand on stronger currencies [Read news]
Philippine farm minister says likely no need to import 250,000 T of rice [Read news]
Viet Nam rice exports drop in Q1 [Read news]
Vietnam exports 1.28mt rice in three months [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai rice prices firm on stronger baht but dip in Vietnam and India [Read news]
PH needs to import 250,000 tons of rice to avoid tight supply [Read news]
Exporters contract one million tons of rice this year [Read news]
Rice export behind target, to focus on quality [Read news]
Asia Rice-Rice prices fall in India while stable in Vietnam and Thailand [Read news]
PHL rice inventory down 22% in February [Read news]
Iraq has not yet made purchase in 30,000 T rice tender –traders [Read news]
Asia Rice-Rice prices advance in India, Vietnam while Thai prices drop on weaker baht [Read news]
Vietnam wants China to permit more rice exporters [Read news]
Nigeria's rice boom raises output but old problems persist [Read news]
NFA estimates rice import requirement at 800,000 MT [Read news]
NFA Council extends rice importation by 1 month [Read news]
Asia Rice-India and Vietnam stable on weak demand, Thai widens [Read news]
Thai rice still in global demand [Read news]
Vietnam's Jan-Feb rice export volume dips, value slides faster [Read news]
Thailand Seals 1st Iran Rice Deal in 10 Yrs. [Read news]
Thai rice export prices drops 3.4% in January [Read news]
Asia Rice - India down as overseas demand wanes; Vietnam up on thin supply [Read news]
Higher yields to spur grain output to new highs this year [Read news]
Vietnam's rice inventory reaches nearly 960,000 tons as of end of January [Read news]
Rice prices up in Thailand on China deal; slow in India, Vietnam [Read news]
NFA urged to extend arrival period for rice imports [Read news]
Opportunities exist for rice exports in high-end market [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices up on China deal; slow in India, Vietnam [Read news]
Indonesia set to export 100,000 tons of rice in 2017 [Read news]
Vietnam vows to develop national rice brand [Read news]
Thai rice worries Vietnamese exporters [Read news]
Indonesia plans to export rice [Read news]
Rice exports of Vietnam face tough year ahead [Read news]
Iran Limits Rice Imports From India [Read news]
Myanmar earns over US$300 million from rice export in 1st 10 months of FY [Read news]
PH to maintain QR on imported rice for 2 more years [Read news]
Asia Rice-India market robust on African demand; Vietnam prices could fall [Read news]
Thai Rice Exports Seen Slipping on Greater Vietnam Competition [Read news]
Government has no plan to import rice this year [Read news]
Asia Rice-Gains in India on robust demand; Thai prices drop amid quiet market [Read news]
Two Lao provinces earmarked for organic rice [Read news]
VN rice exports set to face another tough year [Read news]
Rice exports to rise slightly in 2017: insiders [Read news]
Rice prices rise in India on demand from African buyers [Read news]
Rice prices fall in India on ample supply, weaker rupee; Thailand, Vietnam dull [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thailand, Vietnam dull amid year-end holidays [Read news]
China authorises 22 Vietnamese rice exporters [Read news]
Vietnam earns 2.2 billion USD from rice export this year [Read news]
Laos to increase rice exports to China in 2017 [Read news]
Vietnam to extend rice trade deal with Philippines [Read news]
Rice imports still under study after typhoons [Read news]
Two major Asian rice markets seen quiet [Read news]
This Private University Is Accepting Rice for Tuition Fees [Read news]
Thailand, Vietnam markets quiet ahead of Christmas, New Year [Read news]
Thailand exports 9.3mntrn of rice Jan to mid-Dec 2016 [Read news]
Philippines approves rice trader imports of 641,080 T, below quota [Read news]
Thai 2016 rice exports exceed target at 10.5mn T [Read news]
Asia rice-prices mostly soften on thin demand [Read news]
Thai rice exports pick up, will meet 2016 target - commerce ministry [Read news]
China allows 14 Indian firms to export rice [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice exports see record low in 2016 [Read news]
Rice exports see sharp drop due to market difficulty [Read news]
Thin demand drives Vietnam's Jan-Nov rice exports down 25 percent [Read news]
Thai prices gain on talks of Philippine demand [Read news]
Philippines says 2016 paddy rice output to be lowest in 3 years [Read news]
Vietnam targets increased rice exportation to Nigeria [Read news]
Indonesia sees rice stocks soar, no imports planned until year-end [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnamese quotes dip; weak baht hits Thai prices [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices weak despite China purchase, Manila demand prospects [Read news]
Philippines mulls extra 250,000 T in rice imports [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam prices at 7 week high; Thai prices ease [Read news]
Philippines to import 239,100 tons of rice from Vietnam & Thailand  [Read news]
Philippines to import more rice from Vietnam [Read news]
Applications for rice importation exceed MAV limit [Read news]
Egypt to hold international tender for 500,000 tonnes of rice -statement [Read news]
Philippine traders to import 750,150 metric tonnes rice [Read news]
MARD requires controls for rice exports to US [Read news]
Chinese import restrictions drive rice prices down [Read news]
Egypt to import 500,000 tonnes rice, 400,000 tonnes sugar to boost reserves [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices mixed in lean trade as rain disrupts harvests [Read news]
Cambodia asks China to speed up $300 million rice loan [Read news]
NFA mulls importation of add 250,000 MT of rice in November [Read news]
Vietnam’s Jan-Sept rice exports drop to 3.76mn tonnes [Read news]
Asia Rice Vietnam Prices Hit 1-Year Low, Thai Prices Narrow [Read news]
India's 2016/17 summer-sown rice output seen at record 93.88 mln T [Read news]
Export prices of rice in Thailand and Vietnam widen [Read news]
Philippines to import up to 805,200 tonnes of rice [Read news]
Asia Rice-Price gap widens; buyers turn to Pakistan, Myanmar [Read news]
Vietnam, Thailand win bid to supply rice to Philippines [Read news]
Rice exporters suffer from low demand [Read news]
Thailand, Vietnam set to supply 250,000 T of rice to Philippines [Read news]
Asian rice prices fall to near six-month low [Read news]
Fresh demand from the Philippines expected to boost Vietnam's rice exports [Read news]
Rice export prices to stay high this year [Read news]
Philippines to buy 1 mln tonnes of rice as prices drop [Read news]
Vietnam witnesses lowest level of rice exports since 2016 [Read news]
PHL to buy more rice from Vietnam [Read news]
Vietnam cuts 2016 rice export forecast to 4.75 mln tons [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices ease as high supply counters Philippine purchase plan [Read news]
PH plans to import 250,000 tons rice for delivery within Q3 [Read news]
NFA may allow private traders to import rice [Read news]
Seven months: Rice export valued at USD1.32 billion [Read news]
Indian rice production expected to rise in 2016-17 [Read news]
Indian rice prices up on higher demand and lower supplies [Read news]
Vietnam warned it may yield to Myanmar in exporting rice [Read news]
Myanmar rice to enter Philippine market [Read news]
Thailand clearance sale puts Vietnam rice exports on hold [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice export in 2016 forecast to drop [Read news]
Vietnam’s rice exports to drop to eight-year low [Read news]
Thailand-origin lowest offer in Iraq’s 30,000 T rice tender [Read news]
Asia Rice-Vietnam prices drop on southern harvest; Thailand hold stable [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices steady in India, Thailand before Thai auction [Read news]
China’s tightened inspection good for Vietnamese rice exporters [Read news]
Philippines has no urgent need to import rice, says incoming minister [Read news]
Rice export data show consistent decline [Read news]
Iraq tendering to buy at least 50,000 tonnes of rice [Read news]
Vietnam's 2016 drought-hit rice output to fall 1.5 percent: government official [Read news]
India-Indonesia deal on rice trade soon [Read news]
New gov’t to curb rice import permit abuse [Read news]
Vietnam’s Jan-May rice exports advance to 2.5mn tonne [Read news]
Asia Rice-Thai prices steady on limited supply, Vietnam rates ease [Read news]
China to auction total of 2.2 mln T of state corn, rice on Friday [Read news]
India’s Monsoon Seen Strongest in 22 Years as La Nina Looms [Read news]
Strongest El Nino in nearly 20 years ends: Australian weather bureau [Read news]
New Philippine govt to bar private traders from importing rice [Read news]
Thai rice price hits 2-year high as drought hurts Asian output: traders [Read news]
As Asia's rice crop shrivels, food security fears resurface [Read news]
Philippines cuts Q1 rice output estimate for second time [Read news]
Vietnam rice prices dip, Thai prices stable [Read news]
Rice exports hit nearly US$1 billion in four months [Read news]
Thailand to Sell 11.4 Million Tons of Stockpiled Rice [Read news]
Drought Killing Vietnam Rice Crops Compounds Mekong Water Crisis [Read news]
Vietnam’s H1 2016 rice exports may edge up despite output fall [Read news]
Targeting Chinese market, rice exporters earn modest profits [Read news]
Myanmar's rice export to China expected to rise after water festival [Read news]
Thai rice exporters sign MOU to sell 150,000 tons of rice to Hong Kong [Read news]
VN to sustain rice exports despite failed crops [Read news]
TPP will push Japanese farmers to grow cheaper rice in bid to boost exports [Read news]
Thailand sells 418,000 T of rice in second auction of 2016 [Read news]
Rice prices rise as drought continues [Read news]
Gov’t vows to monitor borders to stop illegal rice [Read news]
Vietnam's rice export revenue expands over 40 pct in Q1 [Read news]
Rice export prices rise in Thailand and Vietnam [Read news]
Vietnam expects Q1 rice exports at 1.59mn tonne, up 41.6pc y/y [Read news]
Federation Mulls Supporting Rice Export Price [Read news]
Rice exports jump as more of last year’s orders filled [Read news]
Vietnam sees no future in exporting fragrant rice [Read news]
Vietnam told to grow rice in Cambodia to export to the EU [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices rise on weather woes, speculation [Read news]
Rice exports: Vietnam’s low-price advantage won’t help [Read news]
Asia rice prices hike in Vietnam, drop in Thailand [Read news]
Vietnam exports over 1mln tonnes of rice in two months [Read news]
Iraq passes in tender to buy 90,000 T US rice [Read news]
Asia rice prices rise in Vietnam, stable in Thailand [Read news]
Thailand plans measures worth $285 million to help drought-hit rice farmers [Read news]
Rice Exports Down as Fiscal Year Nears End [Read news]
China opens domestic rice market to more importers to satisfy growing demand [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices edge up, Indonesian demand eyed [Read news]
Thailand sells 152,377 T of rice in first auction of the year [Read news]
El Nino leads to global rice shortfall [Read news]
Asian rice prices soften on low buying demand [Read news]
Thailand inks $120 mln rice MOUs with Iran [Read news]
Rice exports likely unchanged for Vietnam [Read news]
Rice prices at bottom in Thailand, stable in Vietnam [Read news]
Thailand aims for 25 mln T rice paddy output 2016-17, down on yr [Read news]
Philippines may import up to 400,000 tons of rice this year [Read news]
Cambodia Exports over Half a Million Tons of Milled Rice [Read news]
Govt to import rice from India, Pakistan [Read news]
Vietnamese rice prices ease; export volume may rise in 2016 [Read news]
Vietnam exports around 6.55 tons of rice in 2015 [Read news]
Philippines May Import 400,000 Tons of Rice in First Half of 2016 [Read news]
Thailand expects to export 9 mln tonnes of rice in 2016 - Commerce Ministry [Read news]
Philippines to import extra 300,000-400,000 T rice [Read news]
H1 rice imports may hit 900,000 MT – NFA [Read news]
Asia rice prices high in Vietnam on tight supply [Read news]
El Nino Shrinking Rice Crop Worldwide to Spur Vietnamese Sales [Read news]
Thailand to start sale of 2 mln T of spoiled rice this month [Read news]
Annual rice imports of 1.1m tons required in Iran: official [Read news]
Vietnam's rice shipments arrive in Indonesia [Read news]
Rice prices at bottom in Thailand, stable in Vietnam [Read news]
Asian rice prices stable, new deals expected in Thailand [Read news]
Philippines plans to import extra 1.3 million tonnes of rice [Read news]
Indonesia to import 500,000 tonnes of Thai rice [Read news]
Rice prices ease in Vietnam; Thai grain stable [Read news]
Drought wrecks havoc on Indonesian rice planting [Read news]
Single brand to strengthen market for fragrant rice [Read news]
Bulog expects imported rice to arrive in November [Read news]
Rice prices at nine-month high in Vietnam, stable in Thailand [Read news]
Jasmine fragrant rice to be developed as Vietnam’s national rice brand [Read news]
Rice prices at 9-month high in Vietnam, stable in Thailand [Read news]
Rice prices rise in Vietnam, Thailand [Read news]
Vietnam's 5-pct broken rice hits $360/T on Manila demand [Read news]
Philippines considers buying 1m T more rice ahead of severe El Nino [Read news]
Rice prices up in Vietnam, Thailand on Indonesian demand [Read news]
Rice import deal with Vietnam just contingency plan -Indonesia officials [Read news]
Hopes on European demand as parboiled rice market flags [Read news]
Vietnam to supply nearly 1 mln T rice to Indonesia-report [Read news]
More rice imports next year as El Nio lingers [Read news]
Asia Rice-Prices gain in Vietnam, Thailand following supply deal [Read news]
Nigerian Floods Destroy 1 1/2 Months of Nation's Rice Supply [Read news]
Asian rice prices gain in Vietnam after Manila tender [Read news]
Indonesia to import 1.5 million tonnes of Thai, Vietnamese rice [Read news]
Vietnamese rice prices stable; Thai grain dips. [Read news]
Philippines to buy 750,000 tonne of rice from Vietnam, Thailand. [Read news]
NFA to award 750,000 MT rice deal to Vietnam, Thailand. [Read news]
PH secures P14.8B of rice imports from Thailand, Vietnam. [Read news]
Vietnam, Thailand bag deal to supply 750,000 MT rice. [Read news]
India's 2015/16 summer rice output to drop on poor rainfall. [Read news]
Cambodia to pass on Philippines’ rice tender. [Read news]
Philippines issues tender to import 750,000 T rice. [Read news]
Weaker yuan presses Vietnam’s rice price down. [Read news]
Rice Federation Forecasts Exports to Resume as Scheduled in Mid-September. [Read news]
Drought affects 185,451 hectares of rice seedlings in Cambodia. [Read news]
Egypt bans rice exports as of September 1. [Read news]
PH eyes 6.5 pct rice output growth in 2016, says may buy more. [Read news]
Asian rice export prices fall as currencies weaken. [Read news]
Thailand to sell 1 million tonnes of rice to China. [Read news]
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